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How To Hire A Dedicated Development Team?

25th October 2022

A dedicated development team helps you save operating costs, offers you a vast talent pool, and promotes the efficiency of your projects. Let’s see what it is.

What Is A Dedicated Development Team?

A dedicated development team is a team of backend and front-end developers, user interface and user-experience designers, QA specialists, project managers, testing experts, and support members who draft, build up, and implement web, app, and software projects.


  • By 2021, the total outsourcing of IT services surpassed $413.72 billion.
  • 78% of businesses were satisfied with the outsourcing results.

Businesses have started benefitting from hiring a dedicated development team. Here’s how you can recruit one, too.

Steps Of Hiring A Dedicated Development Team

Follow these five steps to hiring a devoted team of developers.

Step #1: Defining Your Requirements

The first step while hiring a development team is to define the following:

  • your organizational goal
  • the purview and budget of your project
  • project requirements

Evaluating these aspects help you streamline your process, define expectations, create a preliminary list and find the best team.

Step #2: Interviewing Experts

Interviewing experts

After you have compiled your expectations and requirements, you are good to find your development team. But before that, consider these:

  • Do you want a whole team or a dedicated team for separate tasks?
  • Accepted level of technical proficiency 
  • Aptitude and knowledge of potential candidates
  • Performance and success rate of projects of potential candidates 
  • Client feedback on those projects

Based on these considerations, you can start searching for potential candidates on social media and job search portals, use insider references, and then line them up for an interview. 

Step #3: Launching Your Team

Finding a devoted team is challenging. So, ensure that the potential candidates have technical aptitude, spontaneity in a situation, problem-solving ability, and the skills required for the project. 

Now that you have interviewed and confirmed your team, it is time to introduce them to the rest of your organization. At this step, you launch your team according to the project requirements. 

Step #4: Managing Your Team

After introducing the new development team to your organization, the next step is to manage them. You can boost the success rate of your project by ensuring the following:

  • Active participation in the project 
  • Regular meetings and follow-up meetings
  • Reports on the project’s progress
  • Grievance redressal meetings
  • Constructive feedback and recognition 

To manage your team, you can either be authoritative and micromanage every task or delegate tasks and give a free hand to the development team. See what works for your business.

Step #5: Setting KPI

By now, you have a fully functioning development team. You want to track their performance and the progress of your project. One way to do that is by creating Key Performance Indicators. 

KPIs determine your goal-achieving ability and help you by:

  • Assessing the efficiency and performance of the team members
  • Monitoring the project’s functionality and progress
  • Providing concerns & feedback on the team’s performance 

Since your team would be working remotely, they may prefer receiving updates differently. Some would want daily updates, and others weekly progress. Communicate and confirm this in advance. 

Key Takeaway

Hiring a devoted development team is the best way to troubleshoot your technical challenges, deliver more with a limited budget, and take complete control of your project. So, whether you have an in-house development team, or want to outsource one, now you know how to hire a dedicated team of developers.


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