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How to Prepare Your Employees for an SEO Conference

4th April 2024

SEO has been a common term in digital marketing since it came about. However, if you work in a different department that isn’t marketing, you may not be prepared for an SEO conference. Even if you do work in digital marketing, SEO may be a concept that is hard to explain to others. Let alone preparing your employees for a conference. Here’s how you can get your team to prepare for an SEO conference.


So, what is SEO?

Mastering SEO Performance

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) can actually be quite hard to explain sometimes. But it can really be a pinnacle component of a marketing strategy without anyone realising it. That’s the beauty of it. It takes a lot of technical back-end and front-end website work and turns it into magic.

That probably doesn’t make much sense

There’s a tick list.

So, ask an employee to prepare by looking it up. Understand the concept of it, and by Googling it and doing your research, you’re already halfway there. What do the ins and outs look like? What’s the back end of a website versus the front end?

Give them a brief overview before they may get overwhelmed with certain jargon that may come up in a conference. It also depends on which department or level of education your employee has or works in. They may already work in marketing, in which case you can prepare them differently and prepare different advice.


Seminars and workshops

One of the best things about conferences is to learn from the experts. That’s what they are there for. Prepare yourself by looking up the website, knowing which seminars and speakers may be:

a) The ones you want to listen to, and

b) The ones you want to hear

Regardless, you’ll pay attention and learn the skills you need because you spent the time previously looking it up.

This is probably one of the key things to get prepared. The research that you put in will make all of the difference on the day and will enable an employee to take away what they need to take away from it. Having said that, there will usually be people on board who are there to support you. There are companies that hire event staffing and helpers who know their stuff to ensure that if your employees get stuck, they have someone reliable to turn to.


What they need from their job

It does really depend on how to prepare an employee based on their job role. And, therefore, what they can get out of the event. Whether that’s new trends, learning from industry professionals or finding new insights to help with your own business and SEO strategies.

So, being able to prepare can heavily depend on who and why you’re sending to the SEO conference. Having said that, there’s always event staff on hand to help if you get a little lost. For example, you have already found a seminar but can’t find the time or location.


Transport and help getting there

A lot of conferences, specifically when it comes to marketing, are often based in central locations. Anyone living outside of that may find it difficult to get there.

Helping someone prepare through the website and providing detailed instructions can ensure that an employee member gets there on time and safely. In most case scenarios, event staff will be on hand to help you park, show you where the entrance is and get you set up when you get there. So let your coworkers know they’re not on their own when they get there.




One of the best things about conferences is networking. Talk to those around you, the experts in SEO, and take the time to get to know people in the industry so you can get the best out of it. Whilst the seminars are helpful, learning and talking to others can be where you learn the most. Lean on experts, ask inquisitive questions, and come out of it as a brand new you.

Prepare your employees with these tips, and they will be sure to shine. And come out being more confident and understanding a world of SEO they probably already knew but perhaps needed the supportive expertise.

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