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Launching a Business- Dont Overlook These Key Steps When Forming an LLC with ZenBusiness

31st January 2024

Starting a business is exhilarating. But with all the legal paperwork and decisions involved in properly establishing a company, it’s easy to get overwhelmed early on with evaluating options like ZenBusiness vs Rocket Lawyer for LLC formation. That’s where services like ZenBusiness come in.

They make the process smooth and straightforward. However, even with ZenBusiness handling the bulk of the heavy lifting, there are still essential steps customers often unintentionally gloss over when launching their business.

What many don’t realize is that forming an LLC isn’t just about paperwork. It’s about building the legal framework and foundation to turn your ambitions into a thriving business. Do it right from the start, and you’ll be setting yourself up for growth and success. So if you’re forming an LLC using ZenBusiness to jumpstart your entrepreneurial dreams, read on.

In this post, we’ll walk through the key steps you need to know – including the ones most first-timers overlook. We’ll cover choosing the right formation package, properly filing your documents, understanding compliance requirements, and more.

With the right information in hand, you can form your LLC with confidence, avoid critical mistakes, and spend more time transforming your business from idea into reality.


Choosing the Right LLC Formation Package

One of the first key steps when forming your LLC through ZenBusiness is selecting the right formation package. ZenBusiness offers several packages to meet different business needs and budgets. The options range from their free formation package that covers just the basics to more robust packages with extras like operating agreements, registered agent services, and expedited filing.

ZenBusiness Pricing and Plan Options

ZenBusiness has four main packages for forming an LLC:

  • ZenBusiness Starter – $49 plus state fees
  • ZenBusiness Pro – $199 plus state fees
  • ZenBusiness Premium – $299 plus state fees
  • ZenBusiness VIP – $349 plus state fees

The Starter plan includes preparing and filing your articles of organization, an organizational checklist, unlimited phone & email support, and access to discounts on other services.

The Pro, Premium, and VIP plans add on operating agreement templates, expedited filing, registered agent services, banking resolution templates, domain name registration, and more.


Factors to Consider When Selecting a Plan

legal framework

With the range of options ZenBusiness provides, how do you narrow down what’s best for your needs? Here are some key factors to weigh:

  • Your budget – The free and Starter plans are great for bootstrappers and simpler LLCs. Premium and VIP provide more value for growing businesses.
  • Your state’s filing timeline – Pay for expedited filing if your state has longer processing times.
  • Whether you require a registered agent – Nearly all states require an official registered agent on record.
  • If you’ll have multiple members – Opt for an operating agreement template to put governance rules in writing.

Recommended Plans for Most LLCs

For most single-member LLCs, the Starter plan offers an affordable way to check all the key formation boxes. Lean on their customer support to guide you through each step.


If you have multiple members or foresee growing quickly, the Premium or VIP plans provide operating agreements and registered agent services worth the extra investment.


Understanding Registered Agent Requirements

Nearly all states require LLCs to designate a registered agent – an official point of contact authorized to receive important legal and tax documents on the business’s behalf. Appointing a registered agent is a commonly overlooked but critical part of compliance when forming your LLC.

Registered Agent Role and Responsibilities

A registered agent’s core responsibilities include:

  • Being available at a physical address in the state where the LLC is registered during normal business hours to receive legal paperwork like lawsuits, tax notices, subpoenas.
  • Forwarding documents received to the appropriate person at the LLC in a timely manner.

They serve as an official intermediary between state regulators and the LLC. Without one, you risk missing crucial notices and deadlines.

ZenBusiness Registered Agent Services

ZenBusiness offers registered agent services with all packages beyond its free formation offering. Their team handles receiving and forwarding any legal or tax documents to the members of the LLC.

Having ZenBusiness act as your registered agent ensures you maintain compliance and don’t miss important state communications. It also means you don’t have to be physically present in-state yourself to fulfill that duty.

Appointing a Registered Agent

During the LLC formation process with ZenBusiness, you can easily designate them as your registered agent for an additional fee based on the package selected. They’ll file the appropriate paperwork with the state.

Be sure to only appoint one registered agent and to keep their address updated if it changes. Not properly assigning an agent can lead to administrative dissolution of an LLC.

Staying Compliant After Forming an LLC

Once your LLC is officially registered with your state, your compliance responsibilities don’t end there. Maintaining good standing is crucial for limiting personal liability and avoiding administrative dissolution. Here are some key areas first-time LLC owners often overlook.

Meeting State Reporting Requirements

Almost all states require LLCs to submit annual reports and pay recurring fees to preserve their active legal status. Deadlines vary but are commonly tied to your original formation date. Requirements also range from simple online confirmations to more detailed financial reports.

Be sure you calendar these deadlines annually and budget the fees into your expenses. Penalties for late filings can be hefty. Some states even revoke an LLC’s good standing if reports are excessively overdue.

Managing Finances and Record Keeping

finance management

LLCs need to keep careful financial records and follow accounting best practices from day one. Document all income, expenses, asset purchases, payroll, and other transactions.

You’ll also need to adhere to tax filing duties at both the state and federal levels. This includes details like obtaining an EIN from the IRS, issuing K-1s to members, submitting estimated quarterly payments, and annual tax returns.

Thorough record-keeping and accounting make meeting these requirements much simpler while also providing key insights into your business’s financial performance.



Launching an LLC through ZenBusiness makes the formation process incredibly simple. But as outlined above, even with their help handling the paperwork, there are still essential steps first-timers often gloss over.

Following this guide will help you avoid critical mistakes when establishing your business’s legal foundation. Take the time upfront to understand what formation package meets your needs, put an operating agreement in place if you have multiple members, formally appoint a registered agent, and calendar those crucial compliance deadlines.

The payoff for getting the formalities right is the ability to then fully focus your energy on attracting customers, executing on your business plan, and ultimately turning your passions into profits. With the proper legal framework built, you’ll have the peace of mind that comes with knowing you set your business up for success from the very start.

So breathe deep, roll up your sleeves, and let’s get down to business!


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