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Top 30 PHP Development Companies 2023

19th January 2023

PHP is an open-source server-side scripting language. The language functions as an intuitive medium through which developers can create web pages quickly and easily as PHP scripts run directly on the server. The other advantage of developing web pages using PHP Development Companies is to collect and manage data seamlessly. It once had a firm place in the developing world as a go-to language but has now fallen out of favour with the web development company in recent years.

Table of Contents

1. What does a PHP developer stand for?
2. Pros and cons of PHP development companies
3. Is PHP dead in 2023?
4. Who needs to hire a PHP development company?
5. Top 5 tools required for PHP development
6. Top global companies that use PHP development in 2023
7. Offshore PHP development companies
8. Things to keep in mind while hiring an offshore PHP development company
9. Top PHP development companies

What does a PHP developer stand for?

PHP, which was previously an abbreviation for “Personal Home Page”, was later renamed HyperText PreProcessor. A PHP developer’s primary job is to write server-side applications to create web pages. The services of developers involve creating backend components as well as connecting these to third party web services.

What services PHP development companies include?

The PHP services provided by development companies include the following:

  • Dynamic web page creation that can be edited in real-time to add more information.
  • Data collection with the help of cookies.
  • Controlling the access of incoming visitors to a website.
  • Developing bug-free applications.
  • Communicating with front-end developers.

Pros and cons of PHP development companies

PHP has been a major component of web development since its inception in the 1990s. The language was a favourite among developers for the following reasons:

  • The simplicity of the programming language made web development easier. Therefore, making it the perfect option for beginners.
  • It is versatile and compatible with cross-platform applications like Linux, Windows, Mac, etc.
  • It is downloadable; therefore, one need not pay to use it for web development projects.
  • It is also compatible with a variety of servers like Apache and more.

Despite the given advantages of PHP, many developers have decided to stray away from it due to the following problems:

  • The PHP framework is not secure since it is an open-source project.
  • It cannot handle large volumes of content for web applications.
  • A developer to change the behaviour of applications.
  • Integration of more tools into the framework leads to poor performance.
  • PHP cannot efficiently handle errors and therefore struggles to correct bugs.

Is PHP dead in 2023?

php development

According to research, the usage percentage of PHP has remained unwavering. Around 79% of all websites use PHP as a server-side programming language. Some of the most popular websites, like WordPress and Wikipedia, use PHP to develop and maintain the platform. The newest PHP release, i.e. PHP 7.3, shows a drastically better performance than the previous models. It is one of the reasons why PHP is once again attracting the attention of programmers.

PHP has been used as a programming language for nearly three decades, regardless of its issues, and is one of the biggest reasons developers believe PHP is unlikely to die. PHP developers have commented that PHP is very much alive because several popular websites run smoothly and efficiently despite PHP’s well-known cons. Since its inception, experienced developers who have been using PHP know the language’s ins and outs and can easily create bug-free web pages.

Who needs to hire a PHP development company?

A PHP development company will play an integral role in maintaining a website that PHP runs. While PHP run websites do not require 24×7 attention, maintaining the website to run smoothly is not a small task.

A PHP development company will carry out the following processes for all their clients:

  • Compiling data regarding the website for analysis.
  • Creation of PHP applications according to client needs.
  • Finding bugs and fixing them to improve the overall user-experience.
  • Implementing data storage solutions.
  • Testing web applications and pages and adding backend features.
  • Conducting frequent updates to enhance the performance of the application.
  • Responding to requests sent by front-end developers for integration.

Anyone looking to build a website using a flexible and fast language can use PHP to create the website. But partnering with a PHP development company is likely to help in the long run.

Top 5 tools required for PHP development

PHP is better known for integrating various backend applications due to the Integrated Development Environment (IDE). Therefore, PHP tools work towards creating this IDE and contribute to its seamless functioning.

Popular tools used for PHP development are:

1. Zend Studio

Zend studio is one of the most common tools because it functions at high speed. It does not require much effort from the developers to write code. PHP 7 utilizes the Zend Debugger to check the PHP scripts.

2. PHPStorm

This lightweight tool has a range of functions that can quickly create an application. It also possesses code completion, Re-arranger and Zero Configuration Debugging for a great development experience. It also houses a versatile IDE that works with several PHP frameworks.

3. NetBeans

Although the tool was not meant for PHP initially, NetBeans is now a widely used PHP development company tool. It can integrate a variety of PHP frameworks and is extremely lightweight. It can support a variety of languages, including Simplified Chinese, Portuguese, English and Russian.

4. Cloud9

Cloud9 is an open-source IDE that comes with already configured environments, known as workspaces. The IDE can build applications with browser compatibility testing and live preview features. Cloud9 is the perfect tool for developers looking to create serverless apps. It is also a great option for development teams as it allows everyone to share their environment with team members.

5. NuSphere PhpED

NuSphere PhpED offers a PHP IDE that houses a PHP editor and debugger. NuSphere, in turn, makes the process of development even more streamlined. It also houses PhpExpress, which acts as an accelerator to speed up application creation.

Top global companies that use PHP development in 2023

php companies

The internet was fairly young when PHP started gaining attention. Many websites originating in the late 90s and well into the 2000s were created using PHP. A few examples of websites created using PHP that are currently popular are:

1. Facebook

Facebook is the most known website that was created using PHP. However, they now use a variant of PHP known as Hack for all their web development projects. Nonetheless, the core application was written using PHP.

2. WordPress

WordPress’ content management system is one of the most well-known websites that still employs PHP. It uses PHP to collect data and interact with said databases. This use allows WordPress users to use the templates provided and create an attractive website with little to no experience in coding.

3. Tumblr

Tumblr is a popular community platform that incorporated PHP7 back in 2016. PHP was integrated especially to increase the website’s performance as a whole and provide users with more applications. In addition to this, Tumblr developers can alter and update the website rapidly.

4. Wikipedia

Wikipedia uses a mixture of PHP and MySQL to develop the website. PHP is the core programming language, while MySQL is the website’s database backend.

5. Slack

Slack uses PHP as its backend and helps to streamline the process of data collection. In addition to this, the website’s workflow has seen a drastic improvement as it decreases the time it takes to accept web requests.

Offshore PHP development companies

The process of PHP development can be quite expensive. For this reason, many PHP development companies in the UK are looking to take their business overseas and invest in the development services elsewhere. Offshore PHP Development companies have seen the demand and now offer clients more affordable packages. Companies are increasingly approaching development companies around the world, especially. This arrangement of outsourcing work can bring the following benefits:

  • It does not require infrastructure. That is, the company does not have to invest in office space and systems for developers.
  • Countries like India house a large workforce of expert developers. Therefore, businesses will receive the best services for PHP development when they choose to offshore the work.
  • With this requirement out of the way, a business owner can focus their attention on other business requirements like marketing strategies.
  • The most significant benefit of outsourcing development to offshore companies is that the services are much lower and would save the company from spending too much.

PHP development companies in India are therefore garnering a lot of attention from clients who require budget services. Other PHP development companies instead choose to hire Indian staff.

Things to keep in mind while hiring an offshore PHP development company

However, the decision to outsource web development to offshore companies can be risky as one cannot gauge the company’s genuineness. For this reason, it would be advisable to look for the following before partnering with a new company:

  • Make sure that the company has some experience in PHP development. Developers that have worked with other foreign companies would be a plus.
  • It is essential to search up various third-party websites that review companies’ services and then decide. Asking for reviews from other customers can help make an informed decision.
  • The best way to determine if the services fit the business idea is to go through its previous work. Most developers have versatile styles.
  • Ensure that the team of developers communicate and relay information at regular intervals. It will help to create a sense of transparency between the team and the client.
  • Participate in consultation by visiting the website, discussing plans, and giving feedback.
  • A good development team will also ensure that they answer the client’s queries. In addition to this, most companies also offer post-development assistance for a minimal fee.
  • Remember to draw out a detailed legal agreement between the development team and the client company. Documents like Non-Disclosure Agreements are vital in ensuring that the ideas and products of the company are safe.

Top PHP development companies 2023

PHP development companies are spread worldwide, using PHP to create innovative websites for big and small establishments. The top 30 most notable companies are:

1. Logicsofts

logicsofts php development companies

Affordable website development and offers adds security to the website that they create. They also offer post-development support. is one of the best PHP development companies of 2023.

2. WPWeb Infotech

WPWeb Infotech, possessing over 7 years of rich experience. It stands as a prominent PHP development company. Our unwavering commitment to innovation, coupled with our team of skilled developers, has resulted in a remarkable track record. We specialize in delivering top-notch websites and applications, characterized by exceptional functionality and user experience.

By adopting a customer-centric approach, WPWeb Infotech ensures punctual project delivery, seamless communication, and competitive pricing, making us the preferred choice for PHP development services.

3. TatvaSoft

TatvaSoft php development companies

Offers a range of services from web development to mobile application development. They even conduct intensive testing before releasing the website.

4. WebAppSoft

WebAppSoft php development companies

Known for creating interactive PHP based websites. The development team works towards creating a reliable website free from bugs.

5. Intellectsoft

Intellectsoft php development companies

The Development team here are specialised in creating Custom Web applications that suit the business. They provide their services in a methodical manner.

6. FiCode

FiCode php development companies

This web development company is known for its long experience in web development especially, PHP development. They take care to best represent the customer idea in the finished product.

7. Intelligent IT Hub Ltd

Intelligent IT Hub

Intelligent IT Hub caters to clients from around the world. The affordable services can be availed to create a professional looking website for one’s business.

8. Takeoff Digital

Takeoff Digital

Specialises in creating attractive websites for clients. In addition to this, they offer their services to increase the traffic coming in as well through the efforts of the SEO team as well.

9. Human Made

Human Made

Human Made has been an active part of the web development services offered to big-name companies like RedBull. They can create custom made websites based on the whims of the client.

10. Zoocha

zoocha php development companies

This company can create websites that possess a fluid interface and is attractive at the same time. The development services provided by them have serviced clients since 2009.

11. Cyber-duck


This company has worked with high-profile clients like the Bank of England to create user-friendly websites for the last 15 years. The team makes it a point to be in contact with the client every step of the way.

12. Moove Agency

moove php development companies

Known for creating websites that are compatible with WorkPress. The PHP development services offered by this team are mostly geared towards creating a noticeable website on the WordPress platform.

13. Wholegrain Digital

Wholegrain Digital

Wholegrain has been active since 2007. They are known for their work in creating websites for charities and NGOs.

14. Microserve

Microserve php development companies

Services are offered by a team of technical experts that create PHP-based websites for several organisations and universities like Oxford.

15. Illustrate Digital

Illustrate Digital

Creates websites that function on a variety of business models. The team which is based in the cities of Cardiff and Bristol develop websites for smaller businesses on WordPress.

16. xDesign

xdesign php development companies

The team here specialise in both front end as well as back end development. They carry out testing to determine the security and functioning of the website.

17. Catch Digital

Catch Digital

Catch Digital aims to create websites that can positively contribute to the branding of the business.

18. CTI Digital

cti php development companies

CTI Digital keeps the user experience in mind while developing websites for their clients. They work towards decreasing the load time and updating the website at regular intervals.

19. Inviqa

inviqa php development companies

The development services provided by Inviqa are grounded in research. Therefore, the structure of the website will be able to attract many more visitors.

20. Ready4s

ready4s php development companies

Ready4s have around 10 years of experience under their sleeves and have developed close to 30 web applications as well as another 50+ mobile applications from scratch.

21. DotLabel

dotlabel php development companies

The development team here has extensive knowledge regarding PHP and its many frameworks. Therefore, they are capable of bringing challenging ideas to life through PHP development.

22. 93digital

93digital php development companies

93Digital offers its services to develop websites for the WordPress platform exclusively. They create interactive and modern looking websites for enterprises or even smaller organisations.

23. Valiant Design

valiant php development companies

This strategic creative agency includes various marketing strategies to create a website that will gain the most traction possible. The PHP development services are geared towards creating seamless web applications.

24. Zesty

zesty php development companies

The team here have been applauded for their unique web design and development services. They aim to use the 30 years’ experience to create unique websites for their clients.

25. Box

boxuk php development companies

This development company is able to create websites for the Enterprise WorkPress platform thus increasing the outreach of the business on the WordPress platform. This is possible due to the partnership that it has with WorkPress.

26. Propeller


The services at Propeller range from digital marketing to web development. They offer a comprehensive guide to creating the ideal website through PHP development.

27. Komodo Digital


The development team at Komodo Digital cater to the long term growth of the client on the internet. The web development aims to create a website that is easy to navigate through but sophisticated.

28. Solar Digital


This company aims to create a website that houses all the wants or desires of the client. They do so in a manner that will seem pleasing to a visitor’s eye.

29. Rohallion


With a fleet of experienced web developers and IT engineers, Rohallion can vastly increase one’s visibility on search engines. They also offer long term IT solutions.

30. Myplanet


The services provided by Myplanet are aimed towards creating a website that houses colourful graphics and an intuitive interface as well.

PHP’s future in the world of web development has been a hot topic of conversation over the past few years. After almost three decades, PHP’s endurance is one reason why PHP can still be used. New advancements in PHP will likely solve the several issues that developers face currently.

While many companies have shifted to other programming languages, PHP has several functions that can prove advantageous. They still use PHP to carry out specific functions or create the base for their website’s programming. In any case, one cannot deny the gravity of the contribution that this small open source project had on web development for decades that came after.

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