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Roofers SEO: Best SEO company for Roofers and Roofing Companies

5th January 2023

Are you a roofing company in need of more business?

If you are a roofing contractor, you’re probably well aware of how competitive your industry is.

A successful digital marketing strategy that helps your website rank high in search engine results for relevant keywords brings qualified traffic to your site.

Roofing SEO strategy helps your website stand out from the competition and attract customers.

If you are not ranking on page 1 of Google’s search results, there are 87 % chances that you won’t be visible to your target audience.

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Table of Content:

1. Need of SEO for roofing companies and roofers
2. Advantages of SEO for a roofing company
3. Search Engine Optimization for roofing companies
4. Roofing SEO strategy
5. Case Studies by Logicsofts
6. How can you assess the effectiveness of your roofing Seo campaign?
7. Conclusion

Need of SEO for roofing companies and roofers

roofing company


Nowadays, consumers find businesses mostly on search engine results pages through research, discovery, and even lead generation. To generate new clients, a roofing company must be visible on search engines.

This is where roofing SEO comes into the picture.

Since 94% of all searches (mobile and desktop) occurred on Google, it is vital that your roofing agency’s website can be seen. You need the right search engine optimization for your roofing business.

You are highly unlikely to get clicks on your roofing company’s website if it is not on Google’s first page.

According to Moz, about 92% of users click on Google’s first page, with the second page capturing only 6% of clicks.

Your roofing business website will hardly witness any clicks if it is on the second page of Google.

The objective of roofing seo is to rank for specific competitive keywords, such as “roofing company” or “best roofing company in London”.

The visibility of your website online can be improved through search engine optimization, increasing the number of potential customers and the possibility of converting those potential clients into actual customers.

SEO has many complex elements that can take years to master, but don’t let that deter you. We will help establish your roofing business as an industry leader and expert with our SEO and marketing services.

Your SEO investment will begin returning results within just a few months. Keeping up with us will ensure that your roofing company continues to win the online battle against its rivals.

Irrespective of your location, we’ll help improve your search engine rankings!

Roofing companies and roofers can increase their credibility and find new customers through the use of SEO.

In SEO for roofers and roofing companies, trust is paramount. A good roofing SEO strategy includes trust. Search engines (and users) need to trust roofing websites, just as a client needs to trust their advisor.

SEO for roofers and roofing companies is unique and different.

When will you see results on your roofing agency site?

Search engine optimization is an investment. The results will not happen right away, and any company that promises to deliver results within a few weeks is likely scamming you or doing dishonest business practices that will leave you worse off in the long run.

Usually, results take 4-6 months to appear, sometimes longer, but they will compound over time, so don’t give up just when you see improvement on your roofing site.

Advantages of SEO for a roofing company

SEO for roofing company

It is highly unlikely that your roofing site will be clicked on if it is not on the first page of Google or even in the top 3 of organic search results.

We are an award-winning professional SEO agency. Utilizing our expert knowledge, we can take you to the next level, allowing you to be seen by more people, and therefore increase the number of potential clients coming your way.

Roofing companies and roofers benefit from SEO in the following ways:

  • Get more clients by ranking higher in organic search results than local competitors 
  • Increase your website’s click-through rate
  • Lead generation through Google My Business and your site
  • Provide new clients with relevant, high-quality content that establishes your expertise and attracts new clients
  • Obtain more positive feedback from clients and improve your reputation
  • Convert new website traffic into leads
  • Establish your roofing agency as an industry expert and a leader
  • A higher return on investment

Search Engine Optimization for Roofing Companies


SEO for most roofing contractors provides businesses with a low-cost (and time-tested) route for acquiring leads and generating revenue.

Maintaining roofing SEO services, on the other hand, requires time and knowledge, which is why many roofing contractors work with SEO service providers like Logicsofts.

We ensure to rank your business on the 1st page of Google search results with top rates SEO for roofing companies.

People are searching for everything related to your roofing company online. Be it any of your roofing services or products.

This provides more opportunities to contact such people, assist in the resolution of their difficulties, answer their inquiries, and establish yourself as a reliable resource.

Are you more inclined to buy green roofs from a reputable source that offers wonderful details each of the five times you came to Google with an issue, or from someone you’ve never heard of?

Inbound marketing tactics are ones that are designed to attract potential customers. Your roofing website is a good example of an inbound lead-generation generator.

Roofing SEO might be the best inbound marketing strategy if done the right way.

  • Traditional SEO Services: Our conventional SEO services, which include a comprehensive technical SEO assessment, on-page SEO, off-page optimization, and web page content, will drive convertible traffic and leads.
  • Local SEO services: Our local SEO strategies, which include link building, local directory citations, business listing, ranking on Google maps, unique content marketing techniques, Google Business Profile optimization, and more, can help you reach local search results and high-value prospects.

If your business is ranking on Google maps, it is bound to fetch you more leads.


Roofing SEO Strategy

Logicsofts aces in performing both local and technical SEO services to roofing contractors.

But in case you want to try and perform SEO for your roofing business on your own,you can follow the below-mentioned strategies:

1. Keyword Research

keyword research

Keyword research is an essential aspect of roofer SEO strategy.

The first step in search engine optimization is to decide what you want to optimize your roofing website for.

This involves selecting terms and phrases that people are actually ranking for on search engines like Google. These are basically known as roofing keywords.

It enables you to determine the roofing industry keywords with the highest potential to produce quality leads. The roofing industry has a wide range of keywords to target.

Improve your study with keyword research tools like Ubersuggest, Ahrefs, SEMRush or Google keyword planner.

You can also check keywords other websites are ranking for.

Give time to your keyword research, and choose keywords with high search volume.

The keywords are intended for various purposes. People are either seeking roofing solutions or looking for a roofing contractor.

Focus on roofing SEO keywords that target each stage of the purchase funnel to enhance the performance of your roofing company’s SEO.

2. On-Page Optimization

On-page optimization is a vital part of search optimization.

It is basically content on all your website pages with the page’s source code.

When you’ve created your roofing keyword seed list and included your targeted keywords in your website content, each page on your roofing website should focus on a core term and a slew of associated phrases.

With this, you need to work on user experience. You should have a mobile-friendly website.

Page speed is also important when you talk about your roofing SEO campaign. Your web pages should be speed optimised.

Another critical issue is ensuring that your site is crawler-friendly. If your site cannot be crawled, it will not appear in Google search results, making it very hard for consumers to find your content.

With excellent on-page SEO, you have a better chance of ranking higher in Google results. Higher you rank, the more traffic you receive on your website.

On-page SEO includes other factors like meta titles, meta descriptions, internal linking, and alt attributes.

The title tag is not the main headline of your roofing website. The main headline on the roofing website is normally H1.

The title tag, which appears at the top of your browser, is generated by page source codes in a meta tag. The title tag is the most significant area to insert the targeted keyphrase that you want to rank for.

Although the title tag functions as the headline for your Google search result, the meta description provides a concise overview of your roofing website. Meta descriptions function as supplementary marketing text for your roofing website.

An “alt attribute is an HTML element that is typically attached to image tags in order to provide a text alternative for search engines such as Google, Yahoo, or Bing.

Utilizing alt attributes on your photos may enhance customer experience and help you obtain subtle and obvious roofing SEO benefits.

Internal linking is the process of building hyperlinks that connect various pages of a website. Internal links assist search engines in understanding the structure and hierarchy of your website. They can also assist in disseminating the authority and ranking power of your website’s content.

3. Content Optimization

Content optimisation and link building is a part of the off-page SEO strategy.

If you want more leads you have to work on your quality content marketing strategy. We all know content is the king in the SEO industry.

The content has the ability to double your website’s conversion rates, it’s an essential component of a successful roofing SEO strategy. Furthermore, it allows your company to share its knowledge with consumers, which may inspire them to convert later.

By implementing content marketing into your SEO approach, you can give potential consumers a variety of material that will help them make a purchasing choice. For example, you may write a blog post that addresses frequently asked concerns regarding a certain type of roofing technique, or roofing jobs.

Most roofing websites focus on blog posts and share their content on other sites and social media channels.

You can use internal link-building and content marketing together to promote your service pages.

4. Link Building

Developing links to your roofing company’s website is critical for demonstrating to search engines that your site is worthy of being recommended to their visitors.

The more connections you obtain from high-authority websites, the more search engines will trust the quality of your site.

But, here is where many firms engage in unethical behaviour.

Whether you’re in charge of your roofing company’s SEO efforts or outsource them to an SEO firm, you should avoid black-hat tactics like purchasing links. Instead, you should concentrate on producing shareable content that is both high-quality and unique.

Produce that type of material and share it with industry influencers, and it will organically draw links.

These links act like upvotes, informing Google and other search engines, that your material is trusted and seen by that domain.

The quality of the links is more important to search engines than the quantity when we talk about the ranking factor.


Case Studies by Logicsofts

Read Logicsofts SEO case studies here.

How can you assess the effectiveness of your roofing Seo campaign?

If you’re thinking about building an SEO strategy for your roofing company, you must first decide how you’ll assess the effectiveness of your campaign. Setting objectives for what you want to achieve, whether it’s more transactions, more email sign-ups, or more leads, is also vital.

In addition to setting goals for your roofing SEO strategy, you should select a reliable tool for tracking its effectiveness. Google Analytics is a reliable platform.

Keep in mind that SEO is a long-term plan while evaluating your roofing SEO efforts.

The biggest issue influencing how long roofing SEO takes is competition for the keywords you’re targeting. If there are already a lot of roofing firms ranking for that particular keyword, it will take longer to rank.

Unlike google ads, it does not produce instant benefits; instead, it takes some time before producing a significant return. That is why, before reviewing your campaign, you should give it some time.


Each type of SEO requires a different approach and a different set of skills and knowledge. Since a roofer’s schedule is already busy, you likely do not have time to study everything about SEO. This is where we come in.

Logicsofts being the best digital marketing company provides the best roofing SEO services. Having been in the industry for over a decade, we easily know what it takes to rank a website on the first page of Google, Yahoo, and other search engine results pages.

With our years of experience, our SEO experts will help you increase your online visibility so you can focus on all of the other things a roofer must worry about. Contact us on 0208 629 1504.

We provide affordable roofing SEO packages that are result-oriented and require no long-term commitments.

We ensure to optimize your roofing websites and perform on-page and off-page SEO for your roofing business. We totally know the maths of the search engine, thus ensuring the best practices for SEO for roofing companies.

Speak To our experts About SEO for architects, SEO for solicitors and lawyers, SEO for electricians, SEO for jewellers, SEO for architects and so on.


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