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Best SEO Company for Solicitors and Lawyers

17th February 2022

You’re a lawyer or Solicitor, but do you have a website? By successful marketing, we mean your law firm’s website attracts and converts new clients via search engines for free. Fill the form above, and we will explain how we can help you.

In order to get qualified traffic and leads to your legal website, SEO for solicitors and lawyers maximizes your law firm’s online ranking.93% of all internet searches begin with a search engine. 75% of searchers never go beyond page one of the results.

You should use your website to acquire new clients if you already have one and market it through SEO.


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Table of Content:

1. Why Do Solicitors and Lawyers Need SEO?
2. Advantages of SEO for Solicitors and Lawyers
3. Case Studies by Logicsofts
4. Conclusion

Why Do Solicitors and Lawyers Need SEO?

When a prospective client searches for “(practice area) in (city, or state)” on their laptop or mobile device near you, does your firm’s website appear at the top of the results?

For your website to drive traffic, attract phone calls, and increase form submissions, you have to reach out to the people who need your legal services, not just the general public. Our SEO for solicitors and lawyers is interested in impressing you with a high success rate.

Local search results can be boosted by SEO, both in Google Maps and in organic Google search results.

By doing this, you have the possibility of showing up as the first result when an interested buyer searches for a term such as “electrician near me, “electrician,” and “electrical contractor.” Search engines like Google and Bing need to rank the site highly to drive the right traffic to it.

This means that you have a high probability of converting this lead into a client. SEO is all about creating a long-term lead generation machine that will inevitably increase your top line.

A website that appears at the top of the search results will generally give electricians and electrical contractors a large increase in traffic, normally resulting in more leads and more business.

Firms not ranking on the first page of search engine pages will inevitably lose visitors if they cannot be found.

The electrician and electrical contractor need to make sure their website is found at the right time when their prospects are searching for what they offer.

Advantages of SEO for Solicitors and Lawyers

Solicitors and lawyers

Although paid search engine advertising can quickly boost your website’s traffic, every time someone clicks on an ad it costs you money. In addition, many users feel that ads contain less credibility, so they are less inclined to click on them. The reason SEO is so vital to l Solicitors and Lawyers is that it provides a greater return on investment.

By using SEO strategically rather than spending money, you will achieve top rankings that will increase the chances of people visiting your firm’s website.

A leading law firm in London, Avocat International, has seen tremendous growth in website visitors because of implementing SEO practices. 

> Producing outstanding content

Solicitors and Lawyers benefit from SEO the most when they are able to publish relevant legal content, which allows their firm to become easily discoverable within search engine results. Creating and posting content on your website informs individuals, search engines, and other users that the page is relevant to what they are searching for.

Law firms that appear at the top of SERPs are more likely to receive clicks from potential clients; by optimizing your content, search engines are more likely to display your page near the top. You can also increase your firm’s credibility by posting recent case studies on your website. This will show people that you are up to date with changes in the legal industry.

>Improved traffic relevance

Lawyers and solicitors benefit from SEO by capturing more clients. More prospects will view your website as its search ranking improves. By optimizing your website for search, you will rank higher than your competition and reach the right audience. There are two types of traffic – relevant traffic and traffic that’s irrelevant. You’re looking for the relevant traffic. A high volume of traffic to your website results in a high number of consultations.

>The interface is user-friendly

The popularity of mobile devices has led to a proliferation of native searches on mobile devices. The searchers are looking for legal services, so optimizing your law website for local search is important. Google has stated, “more Google searches occur on mobile devices than on computers in ten countries including the U.S. and Japan.”

Additionally, it is not a hidden incontrovertible fact that mobile users have overtaken other medium users such as laptops, computers, and so on.

>Higher ROI

In the legal field, competition is almost always tough. If solicitors and lawyers invest in SEO effectively, you are likely to get in front of your competition while spending less on promotions.

SEO offers a high return on investment as compared to alternative marketing methods.

Case Studies by Logicsofts

Read Logicsofts SEO case studies here.


Logicsofts, being the best digital transformation company, provides top SEO services. Being in the industry for more than a decade, we easily know what it takes to have your website appear at the top of search engine results and have the know-how to get it listed on the front page of Google, Yahoo and other search engines. Speak To our experts about SEO For solicitors and lawyers, SEO For financial service companies or advisersSEO for electricians, and so on.

If you work as solicitors and lawyers and need your website to rank higher in the search engine results, contact us on 0208 629 1504 or fill the form above.

Our SEO packages for solicitors and lawyers are cost-efficient, reasonable, measurable goals, with no installation costs and no long-term commitments.


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