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Top SEO Skills Every SEO Specialists Must Have

13th May 2022

The method of increasing the frequency and quantity of website traffic and brand visibility through non-paid or paid search engine result pages is known as search engine optimisation (SEO).
An SEO expert uses various SEO skills to boost the rankings of a website on big search engines like Google, Yahoo!, and Bing.

On-page optimisation ensures accurate search results and a good user interface, resulting in increased web traffic, lead volume, and brand recognition. LIKE THAT OF ANY MARKETER, an SEO specialist’s main goal is to increase revenue for the brand.

It’s all about figuring out what consumers are going for on the internet, what solutions they’re looking for, what vocabulary they’re using, and what kind of content they want to consume. Knowing the answers to the following questions will help you interact with users looking for the ideas you have on the internet.

What Is the SEO skill set?

What skills do search engine optimisers need to be effective in today’s market? Should SEOs be compartmentalised and isolated from other marketing abilities to focus solely on SEO? Will the latest breed of SEO be a master of all trades as well as a jack of all trades?

The modern SEO should be a digital marketer who understands on-page SEO as well as other advanced strategies. There are some SEO skills that you must have if you want to work in the SEO industry or if you want to employ an SEO. Let’s go through each of these skills and why they’re relevant one by one.

page optimization

1. Knowing what kind of content fits best

Since content attracts consumers and is a perfect way to funnel clients into your content strategy, it’s critical that you have this capability as an SEO. The two major tasks of content marketing are content development and content delivery.

An SEO must be knowledgeable about all aspects of content marketing strategy, especially content production.

It’s your responsibility as an SEO to serve as a gatekeeper and promote content ideas that can benefit both search engines and consumers. Keyword analysis, identifying content holes, and distributing the content are all skills that can come in handy.

2. Understanding the technical aspect of SEO

SEO is not just about doing keyword analysis and then putting them on a list. SEO is the process of improving websites on both the page and server level in an organised manner to improve their chances of being listed on search engines to increase traffic and conversion.

Hence, understanding on-page optimisations like, e.g., title tags, alt tags, H1, copy optimisation, etc., is important, but understanding the technical side of SEO, such as coding, is much more important.

If you’re well-versed in professional SEO, you can comfortably win your IT fights. Learn everything there is to know about technical SEO, including server-side configuration, sitemaps, server response codes, and rewrites.

3. Keeping up with social platforms

Today, social media is THE platform for marketing and sales. Maintaining pages on Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter isn’t enough; you need to drive traffic from social networking platforms as well. Creating fan retention tactics, focusing on increasing Twitter subscribers, and opt-in marketing are both traffic-generating activities that will help you develop well-rounded SEO.

Yes, using social media strategies for connection building is important, but modern SEOs often need to use social media to create traffic and attract consumers. We see more and more synergies between SEO and social media, and this convergence is only going to get further.

4. Using link building to advantage

The number of opportunities to create connections has risen dramatically in recent years as social media sites have grown in popularity.

Traditional link-building methods exist now, such as good old-fashioned directories, alliance pages, reputable high-PR sites, and so on. Permanent relations with a longer “shelf life” are often known as these.

Internal link management is the other side of the coin, and it applies not only to your properties but also to social media sites like your Facebook profile.

Both external link building and internal link optimisation are essential skills for SEOs. SEOs should value the quality of good site usability. This is an essential attribute for SEOs to master and incorporate into their arsenal.

SEO skill distribution

keywords seo skills

A survey was conducted based on the review of over 2,000 work opportunities from five English-speaking countries: the United Kingdom, Canada, the United States, Australia, and India. Through this study, you can find out the skills you need to invest in now and in the future to be a sought-after expert!

According to the study:

For an SEO expert, it is most important to have the ability and skill of choosing the right keywords for their marketing campaigns. The reach of the right keywords cannot be emphasised enough. The study found that keyword expertise is an important skill that an employer searches for in an expert.

The next important skill is to understand Google tools like Google Analytics and Google Search Console. Whooping importance is given to this technical skill. Google Analytics (GA) offers various information that companies can use to assess their website.

This allows them to devise a successful digital marketing campaign and adjust strategies as needed to produce the best results. Google Search Console is a free Google tool that allows you to monitor, preserve, and troubleshoot your website’s visibility in Google search results.

If Google finds indexing, spam, or other problems on your blog, you’ll get a warning. This tool will show you which websites connect to yours.

Technical SEO, including on-page and off-page practices, is the third most important skill in SEO management. Many of the candidates of the SEO professionals believe that a good grasp on the technical side of SEO can take a campaign, webpage, or even a brand a long way.

Technical SEO is an acquired skill that requires practice and understanding. Next to Technical SEO is Link Building. It is a slow and gradual process that does not show instant results but is very important. Nonetheless, its results are long-term, and hence it is also an important skill.

Lastly, for an SEO specialist, skills like Mobile SEO, data analytics, local SEO, and Javascript are comparatively less but technically equally important. Even though SEO is only evolving every day, it is important to keep up with these old and new skills to be an expert in managing content, brands, companies, and accounts.

Top SEO Skills

linkbuilding seo skills

To become a professional in SEO skills, you need not be an expert in a particular field or subject. But, you must endure a certain set of skills in order to become one. Here are the most important skills one must possess.

1. Insights

When talking about SEO skills, insightful thinking is an essential skill to possess. A professional should be able to break down the process into what occurred and why did it occur. Along with identifying the problem, it is also essential to develop a not-so-average solution for it.

Different problems need different solutions. But, it is also important to note that with SEO, each problem is unique. Hence it demands a unique solution.

In our opinion, an SEO professional must have multiple solutions for a single problem. He or she should analyse each solution and decide on what would be the one with the best output.

2. Knowledge of Excel skills

It’s not enough to get the info. You can need to play around with it a little to get the information you require. Many SEO professionals are unable to perform even the most basic tasks in Excel.

Excel is indispensable for converting a Screaming Frog crawl into an XML sitemap, analysing algorithm improvements and their effect with GA/Adobe info, making custom CTR through place curves, and rapidly bucketing keywords from the web browser into brand/non-brand or product classes.

3. The ability to speak and write

Keyword research is a predominant requirement in the field of SEO writing. Along with the writing of speeches, an SEO professional must comply and accommodate SEO within all forms of his writings.

Moreover, it is also essential to note the complexity of the write-ups. It should be easy to understand and comprehend by the target audience. An SEO professional must be able to write an SEO-friendly snippet, even in his sleep.

4. Being up to date with technology

Note that there are several softwares and programs to boost the SEO in a document. For instance, we have Unlock. These softwares will help you change a lot in your files. It will also save your time and efforts abundantly.

As an SEO professional, one is often asked to check the reloading speed of your page, lazy loading, HTML tagging, META descriptions, and much more. With the help of the current software plug-ins available, this shall be as easy as ABC.

5. Expertise on analytics


Adobe and Google Analytics can save a lot of time for all the SEO professionals out there. You can log in to your account and access the data from there. Along with this, you must develop an SEO strategy with basic knowledge of the business KPIs. This will help you improve your insights and give you an upper hand.

6. Adaptability, motivation, and drive

When you serve as an SEO specialist, you should be aware that your job does not end at 5 p.m. Marketing isn’t one of those occupations where you quit your work at the end of the day. It remains with you for a long time in your mind. To be genuinely excellent at SEO these days, you must have an intrinsic desire to keep practising.

There’s still something new to master, whether it’s a new programming language, a new web search standard like Schema or AMP, or artificial intelligence.

SEO also necessitates flexibility and a thick skin. Our business evolves, and we sometimes have to tell clients that directory submissions, PageRank sculpting, connection disavows, and other services we once suggested are no longer the best option. It’s all about prioritising the client’s objectives over SEO sales opportunities.

7. Ability to socialise

To socialise and to mix with people is not something everyone can do. No one likes a person who is too quiet or talks too much. This might sound out of topic to you. But you would be amazed to know how you can improve yourself when you learn to socialise.

Talking to people about the new things you learn and experience is a great way of socialising. Accepting others inputs and sharing your ideas and suggestions is a great way to improvise yourself. This is not only a way to improve your SEO skills. But, this will also help you improve your persona.

8. An understanding of humour

In this era of meme culture, getting a sense of humour fits well from a marketing standpoint. Moment Marketing is extremely beneficial to an organisation, and an SEO expert should be able to understand how to incorporate these patterns into both short and long-term SEO processes.

There are a lot of challenges in the SEO industry, and they happen immediately. It’s important to remember that we’re not saving lives here; we’re just selling. And if the job is challenging, the rest of it can be postponed until tomorrow. A strong sense of humour will help make our jobs more enjoyable and profitable.

The SEO ecosystem is constantly changing. An SEO expert must constantly study and improve in order to provide a detailed understanding of keyword analysis, Search Engine Optimization content writing, and search engine behaviour.

Non-technical abilities are just as important as technical SEO skills when assessing the value of an ideal SEO expert. The ability to understand the problem and come up with an out-of-the-box solution is a vital SEO skill. Using one’s creative insights is the key to becoming a professional in this field.

Knowing the difference between improvements that can seriously harm a website’s growth and changes that can help it forward and predicting patterns and how they’ll impact future traffic are both essential skills. To ensure that your content appears first in a search engine result, you must understand what an SEO expert does and the SEO skills that go into creating well-optimized content.

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