Top logistic companies in London

Top logistic companies in London

10th June 2022

London has the most advanced logistic industry. With growing diversity and the most dominant e-commerce, it is not going to change.

However, getting the right logistic company to transport items from one place to another is not that easy. And this is where the right logistics companies in London step in.

What is a logistic company?

Logistic companies offer organizational plans to execute and implement the storage and movement of products, materials, and services in the entire supply chain from the start to the consumer. It also includes warehousing, package, security, disposal, and shipping facilities.

Due to the complex global supply chain, the demand for London’s logistics companies has increased. Nowadays, logistics operations entirely focus on delivering information between the point of origin and point of consumption to satisfy the customer’s needs.

What are the benefits of logistic companies?

What are the benefits of logistic companies?

Logistic companies matter in more ways than just delivering items. They have advanced experience in managing the movement of set goods.

Above all, they offer the most efficient, streamlined, and cost-effective way of delivery. If you want to consider working in a close relationship with a logistic company, consider the benefits below.

1. Transport and shipping

Most manufacturers do not want to invest in transportation vehicles for the delivery of items as it is very costly and requires licensing & the strain of getting good staff. Also, these resources can also be used somewhere else. So, you can avail services from logistic companies.

2. Warehousing

Warehouses, when hired by a company, are more costly and complex. So, logistic companies take it upon them to search for an affordable and suitable place for storage, saving the client’s time.

3. Flexibility

It means the capacity to scale up and down and reduce the risk of problems like delays that can harm customer demand. The logistics companies London have the required resources and experience to do so perfectly.

4. Packing

It is essential to pack items very carefully. So, it is evident that delivering customer’s orders accurately and without any damage is necessary and should be done by experienced, and skilled people with unique packing skills. Logistic companies can minimize delays and errors because they want to keep their reputation in the market.

5. Efficiency

Sometimes you need to transport orders in a short time. If you partner with a reliable logistic company, you can do so with great ease.

6. Sustainability

Sustainability has grown in priority and importance for various organizations across the globe, and now it has extended to logistic companies. The supply chain is key for specific organizations, and you should always know where it stands for you.

7. Reliability

While establishing a long-term relationship with an organization, you should look for a reliable and trustworthy partnership and the logistic companies offer the most trust-worthy and reliable services.

8. Technology

It is hard to adapt new technologies to function appropriately. But regular manufacturers need to invest huge sums of money to setup new technology. It also requires skilled people who know which machine is more reliable and which technology is best for the particular product. Expert logistics team can be hired here as they are trained in these tasks. Logistics companies London use various technologies like tracking software long-range RFID tracking, which enables easier load scheduling.

9. Expertise

All logistic companies are not experts in offering efficient supply chain management. So, you need to find a company that meets your requirement.

10. Price

Logistics companies’ rates must suit your desire. It is obvious you should go for the best services at less price. But the quotations put forth by the logistics companies are well within the limit and if compared with the benefits they offer, the cost aspect declines further.

11. Safety and health

A logistic company keeps in mind the health and safety regulations for the well-being of its employees. They have a comprehensive policy, a third-party auditing end, and adequate training for this purpose.

Top 11 logistic companies in London

If you are looking for reliable and reputed logistics companies in London, here is a list of top logistic companies.

1. Ketra Logistics

Ketra Logistics

Ketra logistics is serving its customer in North Kent and South East London. Ketra aims to satisfy its clients by delivering its promise and meeting their expectations. Logistics solutions offered by Ketra are pallet ways, European distribution, and container distribution.

2. Kuehne & Nagel (K&N)

Kuehne & Nagel (K&N)

Kuehne & Nagel is one of the trusted and oldest logistic companies in London. It is an excellent choice for business. K&N is a full chain supply company responsible for distributing various famous brands in London.

3. Access logistics

Access logistics

Access logistics offers packaging, handling, storage, courier, and shipping services. The storage facility provided by Access logistics is M25, M11, and M2.

4. Mango logistics group

Mango logistics group

Mango logistics company is determined to offer highly personalized bespoke logistic solutions and experiences to its customers. The logistic group comprises three companies, i.e., Mango International, Mango couriers, and Mango Storage.

5. Containerships


Containership is a Pan-European full-service logistic company that offers door-to-door multimodal transportation services.

6. Transeuropean Logistics services limited (TELS)

Telsglobal Logistics services limited (TELS)

As the name suggests, it has 11 branches in Europe, including London. TELS offers logistic services like sea carriages, railway carriages, air carriages, and oversized and automobile carriages.

7. Diamond logistics

diamond logicstics

Diamond logistics holds its expertise in overnight and same-day delivery. For online businesses, it offers storage and distribution facilities.

8. Unsworth logistics company

Unsworth logistics company

Unsworth logistics company is an experienced, innovative logistics company that uses state-of-the-art technology to help customers manage complex supply changes. They are experts in providing complete logistics and freight solutions.

9. Milky way logistics

Milky way logistics

Having roots in London, the company now offers logistic services in major cities of Europe. Milky Way logistics specializes in various logistics solutions like green logistics, reverse logistics, distribution logistics, and procurement logistics.

10. ETA Logistics

ETA Logistics

ETA Logistics offers a complete supply chain solution to the business. It holds a specialty in 24 x 7 logistic services and urgent freight movement. The logistic company also has a team of dedicated specialists who professionally attend to customers.

11. Palletline London Limited

Palletline London Limited

This award-winning logistic company in London knows its job well. It gets amazon stocked with its customer’s products delivering around 300 items every week. Most of the services Palletline offers include express and next-day, full load, 48 hours, and pallet delivery service.


Wrap Up

With the above information, you can connect with reliable logistics companies in London. The companies are trustworthy and offer efficient services to its user. These logistics companies can be hired to transfer the overhead of transportation, packing, warehousing, and many other services. By Logicsofts, you can find a list of the best logistics companies in the UK.


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Author : Abhay

Abhay is a Digital Marketing Guru and an accomplished entrepreneur with an experience of a decade working with various businesses varying from startups to established brands. He co-founded many companies like Logicsofts, PrintYo, CrazyRise and more. He is passionate about SEO and Online Data Analytics, which plays a vital role in any business to grow and mutate as per the data results.
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