Top 20 managed IT service providers in London

Top 20 managed IT service providers in London

7th June 2022

Managed services companies are third-party companies that remotely manage information of customers’ end-user systems and information technology infrastructure.

Government agencies, non-profit organizations, and small & medium-sized businesses hire managed service providers (MSPs) to perform the desired day-to-day management services.

The services include monitoring & security and network & infrastructure management. Some Managed IT service providers are also experts in a particular segment of IT like data storage. Others focus on a specific vertical market like manufacturing, healthcare, financial services, and legal services.

On the other hand, Managed security service providers offer special services like remote firewall administration and other security offerings.

What are the types of Managed service providers?

Depending on the criteria, MSPs can be of different types. Suppose an organization chooses MSP based on the target size of the customers and the responsibility they take; MSP can be of the following types

1. High-level MSP

They consist of large and small providers which enable their clients to outsource their IT process as much as possible. They offer a wide range of services.

2. Staffing legacy MSP

Their main target area is Fortune500 companies and mid-level organizations. They generally provide a wide range of services like software installation & upgrades, reporting, and monitoring.

3. Pure play MSP

These target small-scale industries and mainly focus on supplication performance and network monitoring. They offer their native services, mainly based on alerts and reporting.

 Managed services companies based on the type of services

Managed services companies based on the type of services

1. Simplified billing

They handle budgeting, payments, and invoicing via the billing management system.

2. Schedule maintenance

They offer organizations regular network maintenance.

3. Centralized management

These provide management consoles for security software, patch management, remote monitoring and complex networks.

4. Proactive support

They perform preventative maintenance to stay ahead of any network or device issues.

5. Remote support

These offer cloud-based software, remotely troubleshoot technical issues and support remote devices.

6. Monitoring

Here, you will get real-time monitoring software for various websites & servers, network devices, and applications.

Benefits of Hiring Managed IT service providers

MSPs are very important for organizations and offer lots of benefits like

1. Improve cost-efficiency

If various unplanned repairs are required, paying monthly charges will be more cost-effective than hourly charges. And the Managed services companies handle daily services.

2. Improves security

Most MSPs offer awareness training and security software.

3. Offers constant network monitoring

Many Managed services companies provide 24 x 7 monitoring services via network monitoring tools that offer cloud management & system visibility.

4. Offers business continuity

Preparing SLA documents to recover from a disaster.

5. Provides expertise

Hiring professional MSPs provides businesses with access to expert resources.

6. Fill staff shortage

If there is a staff shortage, some of the work can be outsourced to MSPs.

Top 20 managed IT service providers in London

Based on the above factors, below is the list of top 20 managed IT service providers in London

1. Logicsofts


Logicsoft offers a complete package of a comprehensive suite of digital transformation which is necessary to stay ahead in today’s dynamic and fast-paced world. The solutions focus on technology integration, digital optimization, app development, UI/UX design, strategy building, and research.

2. Chess ICT


They are UK’s leading Managed services companies providers. Businesses have saved around £39K with their managed services and hardware support.

They also offer critical knowledge on upcoming issues and are experts in offering services like

  • Endpoint security
  • End-user-devices
  • Software-as-a-service
  • Cloud infrastructure
  • Unified communications

3. City Fibre


They offer wholesale fiber network infrastructure and entire gigabit cities in Milton Keynes, Edinburgh, and Aberdeen.

They are experts in offering an agile network with a 4500KM+ fibre footprint. Its services include

  • FTTP services
  • Dark fibre
  • Ethernet services
  • Full fibre infrastructure

4. Claranet



The end-to-end services of Claranet focus on managed communications services, cloud transformation, and cybersecurity, which aim to modernize critical infrastructure, data, and applications. Their services are

Cloud migration and management

  • Managed networks
  • Unified communications
  • Security training
  • Penetration testing

5. Complete IT

Complete IT

They offer a tailored approach to outsourced IT and are backed by the highest levels of accreditation and expertise.

In the last 25 years, they have found ways to help businesses understand their goals and challenges. Their services include

  • Managed IT services
  • Endpoint security
  • Outsourced IT support
  • Cloud solutions

6. Convergence group

Convergence group

The company offers cutting-edge, pay-per-month solutions, including the UK’s maximum connectivity.

Their connectivity game offers simple, reliable, and fast services. Other services include

  • CaaS
  • Secure 4G connect
  • WAN
  • LAN

7. Expereo


They offer constant connections and on-the-move internet to their customers in more than 190 countries.

The company is the world’s most significant cloud connectivity and internet network solution provider. Their services include

  • Mobile broadband
  • SD-WAN
  • Cloud acceleration

8. Focus Group

Focus Group

The company offer solution like voice, mobile, data, energy solutions, and business gas & electricity.

Now they are also into 4G MiFi devices and cloud phone setups. Its services are

  • Business gas and electricity
  • Mobile broadband
  • SIM-only plans
  • Cloud computing
  • Phone and calls package

9. Gamma


They are initial providers of SIP and hosted voice. They offer cloud-based unified communication solutions and Horizon collaboration. Below are their top services

  • Connectivity including advanced network services
  • Mobile
  • SIP trunking and call management
  • Unified communications

10. GCI


They are UK’s leading converged ICT providers. The company is an expert in offering end-toned fully-managed portfolios.

They offer 99.99% Cloud platform uptime for their customers. The services are

  • Managed LAN
  • SIRT
  • Skype for business
  • Call recording
  • Cloud IVR

11. GTT


GTT offers the fastest transatlantic optical service and global tier 1 network, spanning over 600 POPs.

They aim at agility, speed, and simplicity. Its services are

  • IP transit
  • Dark Fibre
  • Cloud connects
  • SIP trunking
  • MPLS
  • ISP

12. IOMart


They offer a complete cloud solution with global support services that include private cloud, security, and disaster recovery to deliver dedicated business requirements. Services offered are

  • eCommerce
  • Managed Azure
  • Colocation
  • Private cloud
  • Managed infrastructure

13. ITS Technology Group

ITS Technology Group

ITS are the forefront of ongoing communications with its futureproof full-fibre and hybrid network system.

The company is also an expert in clever design, i.e., reusing physical assets like local authority masts and enabling them to provide tailored and fast solutions. Its services are

  • Wireless broadband
  • Fibre broadband
  • Dark fibre

 14. Kingston Communication (KCOM)

Kingston Communication (KCOM)

They help organizations face digital transformations head-on. The company offers high-quality collaboration, hassle-free cloud solutions, and connectivity. Its services are

  • SIP trunks
  • Inbound call management
  • SmartCommsUC
  • Cloud migration
  • Wireless LAN
  • SD WAN

15. M247


This company focus on transforming business with multi-connectivity and multi-cloud services for innovative growth.

M247 helps customers hire employees, reach more clients and connect with more places. Its services include

  • 4G
  • Leased lines
  • Ethernet first mile
  • 247 Cloud

 16. Maintel


Maintel offers cloud-based digital transformation that covers all aspects, i.e., secure connectivity, customer experience, and digital workplaces. Its services are

  • CCaaS
  • Managed mobile solutions
  • Managed IT
  • Unified communications
  • Cloud and managed services

17. Node4


Node4 offers critical IT processes, including all-important speed of services for customers.

The solutions offered are simplified, transparent, and comprehensive. Its services are

  • Cloud capabilities
  • Data center hosting
  • Secure SD-WAN
  • Managed SIEM
  • CISO & DPO as a service

18. Onecom


Onecom is UK’s largest telecom provider. They are a personalized, fantastic alternative to big telephony players.

They follow the 4 pillar strategies of independence, partnership, people and customer. The services they offer are

  • IoT
  • Business phone lines
  • Cloud hosting
  • VOIP
  • 5G
  • VOX

19. Pulsant


Pulsant is a leading cloud infrastructure and colocation provider. They offer cloud infrastructure from 10 regional data centers in South London, Reading, and Newcastle. Its services are

  • Cloud Maturity Matrix
  • Cloud connects
  • Managed networks
  • Workplace recovery
  • Dedicated server hosting

20. Redcentric


The company focus on assurance, availability, and agility. They are at the forefront of helping organizations adapt to remote working.

Their solutions include secure remote access, secure network, and remote solutions. The services they offer are

  • Application security
  • Hybrid cloud
  • IaaS
  • LAN
  • Managed WAN

Wrap UP

These are some fantastic managed IT, service providers, in the UK. Each of them is an expert in helping businesses adopt technology-based changes. By Logicsofts, you can find a list of the best IT service providers in the UK.

These companies think differently and put their customer at the forefront. They offer well-communicated solutions which are not unraveled by the sudden changes.

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