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What is the role of website manager

30th May 2023

The position of website manager is quite prevalent in the IT sector. A website manager must be knowledgeable, experienced, reasonably priced, and trustworthy. It is challenging to find someone with these qualities. Many concerns relating to website maintenance are catered for by web managers.

Not every business owner is an IT expert. It is completely their choice to have an in-house website manager or outsource your website management service. A website manager should be good enough to do everything, including web design, internet marketing, and more.

The website manager is like an air traffic controller, ensuring smooth navigation and managing the flow of information on the company’s website.

Businesses frequently have specialized teams to handle things like website administration, digital marketing, content optimization, sales, and customer support. However, not every business owner has the financial means to recruit full-fledged teams at first, so they choose a different strategy.

They either hire a freelance website manager or outsource the job to a digital marketing firm.

Is hiring a website manager important?

Yes, in today’s digitally evolved world, you can’t ignore the digital aspect.

Imagine the website manager as a gardener, constantly tending to the website by pruning outdated content, nurturing new additions, and ensuring everything is in bloom.

Your website’s managers are in charge of ensuring its seamless operation and handling any hitches that may arise. There are many duties involved with web management, thus we have a thorough tutorial for you!

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What is the role of a website manager?

A website’s daily upkeep and administration are the responsibility of a website manager. This involves monitoring user comments, updating information, creating new pages, repairing broken links, and optimizing search engines.

In order to update the website as needed, a skilled website manager will also be conversant with web design and development concepts.

The task of managing a website is time-consuming and involves multiple responsibilities. Here are some of the responsibilities of a website manager

Make sure the website operates effectively and efficiently with good speed.

To keep the website up to par, plan frequent changes.

Examine, research, and write reports on the effectiveness of the website.

Maintain website hosting and constantly renew domain registration.

Create new material and update it as necessary to reflect the times. Content optimisation is a vital part.

Improve the design by making changes.

For the website, develop an internet marketing plan and work on it.

*For a detailed checklist you can check out our website maintenance checklist and download the free pdf.*

Why should you hire a website manager?

An expert will have a thorough grasp of how search engines operate and will optimize your website for them. Additionally, they will be knowledgeable in web design and user experience concepts, enabling them to make adjustments to enhance your website.

Although your manager will handle all the duties associated with managing a website, you should know why you should engage a website manager. Why would one be useful?

Save Money and Time

Hiring the right website manager saves both money and time. The daily chores necessary to maintain your website will be handled by the website manager. As a result, you won’t need to engage additional workers or spend time on maintenance chores.

Will keep your site upto date

Updating your website is one of the key advantages of website management services. Everything should be up to date, new pages and features must be added, and broken links must be fixed. A qualified staff will also refresh the design of your website to maintain the freshness.

The administration of websites must include SEO, which is a crucial component. A competent website manager will stay upto date with all the modifications. Additionally, they will address any problems that could occur, such as incorrectly loaded pages or missing graphics.

Protection and Security

You no longer have to be worried about protecting and securing your website. It’s the manager’s job now.

Every company is at risk of being a victim of internet hackers and cybercrime. However, you may reduce these risks by outsourcing website administration. A skilled website manager will be well-versed in internet security and able to put the most recent security measures in place to safeguard your website.

Additionally, the manager will keep an eye on your website for any suspicious behavior and respond swiftly if they see anything odd. This involves periodically backing up your website so you can restore it in the event of a hack or other issue.

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Increased Organic Traffic

A well-maintained website that is routinely updated can increase traffic and lead generation for your company. This is due to the fact that frequently updated websites and websites that follow effective SEO techniques receive higher ranks from search engines like Google.

Having a fully operational, well-established web domain can help you accomplish this aim and boost your ROI.

What Qualities Should a Website Manager Have?

There are specific attributes you need to look for in a candidate when selecting a website manager for website management. Here are some characteristics you desire in a web manager; it would be an amateur error to hire the first person you speak to.

Sync Your Vision with the Website Manager’s

The capacity of a website manager to fit in with your business should be your top consideration. They can definitely comprehend your concept if they can find a space for themselves at your place of business. They’ll operate more effectively.

Although running a business is surely challenging, personality testing is also crucial when choosing someone to manage your website. The total number of years of experience a website manager has determines how much they are paid. Make sure to ask all the pertinent questions during the interview that will help you align the candidate’s vision with the goals and values of the business.

Otherwise, it is a worrying issue for both the recruiting manager and the firm if the chosen resource for site management doesn’t satisfy the basic criterion.

Be capable to bring changes

You need someone who can empower your company and do things you haven’t been able to as a small firm. You’re hiring a web manager because you want an expert to create and maintain your website. The site manager should introduce innovative concepts that can revamp your company and ensure success.

Knowledgeable and Reputable

To make the website bigger and better, the management would need to maintain it and keep up with the most recent developments in technology and fashion. In order to build a brand online, the ideal website manager should also be knowledgeable in online marketing.

The main goal of hiring a web manager is to have someone who can improve the website, draw in more visitors, and maintain its search engine rating. Basically, a person with website management skills.

Things to consider when choosing a website Manager


The first and most crucial step is to check over their portfolio and thoroughly examine it. Hiring someone without considering their experience in website administration would be a reckless error.

Although employing a novice may be less expensive, is it really a wise idea? Instead, search for someone with experience who is able to start working right away and doesn’t need any training.


Some business owners have a propensity to think that education is the single most important factor in a resume. But that is completely wrong. It’s all about experience and client testimonials.

Talking about their work experience is always more important than discussing their schooling. Make your way down to the candidate’s education after starting with their most recent position. You may learn far more about someone’s skill through their experience than from their schooling. A more knowledgeable individual will be able to empower your website in a better way.

Verify their references again

Never neglect to request references since they are crucial, particularly when selecting someone to handle a small company website. After you’ve finished interrogating them, ask them for references so you can subsequently cross-check them.

The majority of the time, you may get crucial information from their most recent recruiting supervisors. You may learn details from the previous manager that enable you to judge if the applicant is qualified for the position.

Why is it better to outsource website management to an agency than hiring a freelance website manager?

There are a number of benefits to outsourcing website administration to a marketing firm as opposed to using a freelance website manager. This is why:

Expertise and specialization : A team of specialists with a variety of talents and competence in website administration, including design, development, SEO, content generation, and analytics, usually makes up a marketing agency. While a freelance website manager might only have a limited amount of knowledge or expertise in some areas, this pooled wisdom can offer a complete approach to the development of your website.

Scalability and Flexibility : Marketing firms are capable of managing projects of various sizes and levels of complexity. They are equipped to scale their work in accordance with your company’s demands. As your firm expands or during busy periods, a freelance website manager’s limited availability or capacity might become a barrier during the high points.

Collaboration : Marketing firms frequently operate together as a team, which encourages idea-sharing, brainstorming, and the exchange of knowledge. This partnership may produce original ideas and novel viewpoints that enhance the functionality of your website. On the other side, independent website managers frequently operate alone, which reduces the chances for group involvement. Access to Tools and Technology: To improve performance, track analytics, and expedite website management operations, marketing companies invest in a variety of tools and technology. You can access these resources by outsourcing to a company rather than paying for their own acquisition and upkeep. It’s possible that independent website operators don’t have the same amount of access to these resources.

Accountability and Support: Marketing firms operate as formal businesses, frequently under contracts and service level agreements (SLAs) that specify deliverables, deadlines, and performance indicators. They frequently offer continuous assistance and upkeep, and they are responsible for fulfilling these responsibilities. The terms of the agreement may be less formal with a freelance website manager, making it difficult to enforce accountability or provide continuous help.

A digital marketing agency is typically a superior option for many firms since it typically provides a wider range of skills, scalability, cooperation, access to resources, and accountability. While employing a freelance website manager may be appropriate for some projects or budgets, it may not be appropriate for others.


Without a question, the website manager has a lot of roles and responsibilities. You must make the most of your website because it is a crucial component of your expanding organization. A website’s upkeep, updates, and promotion are quite expensive. If you can execute it correctly, it will all be worth it once you start making money.

Do you keep spending money on your website but get no returns? Then it’s time to hire someone who can utilize the funds wisely. An excellent choice for you is a competent website manager.

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