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Why an Office Still Needs a Printer

7th November 2023

In an age of digital transformation, where the majority of documents and communication are handled electronically, some might question the necessity of a printer in an office setting. However, despite the advances in technology and the push towards paperless environments, the printer remains a crucial tool for various reasons. In this article, we’ll explore why an office still needs a printer, the benefits it provides, and how it enhances productivity and functionality in the modern workplace.

1. Hard Copy Documentation

One of the most fundamental reasons offices still need printers is the requirement for hard copy documentation. While electronic documents have become prevalent, there are still situations where physical copies are essential. Legal contracts, signed agreements, financial statements, invoices, and important records often need to be printed and kept as tangible copies for various purposes, including legal compliance and records management.

2. Legal and Official Documents


Many legal and official documents require physical signatures and official hard copies. Contracts, legal agreements, government forms, and financial documents often need to be printed and signed in person. Having a printer on hand ensures that you can create, sign, and manage these documents efficiently, without the need to rely on external printing services.

3. Professional Presentation

In a business context, presenting a professional image is crucial. When you need to create polished proposals, reports, presentations, or marketing materials, having a high-quality printer and supplies from a company like Cartridge People allows you to produce sharp and impressive documents. The ability to generate professionally printed materials can make a significant impact when dealing with clients, partners, and stakeholders.

4. Efficient Handling of Forms

Forms are a part of everyday business operations. Whether it’s tax forms, job applications, or other official documents, printing and filling out forms by hand can often be faster and more accurate than trying to complete them digitally. This is especially true for forms that require handwritten information or signatures.

5. Creative Projects

Printers are not limited to text documents; they are also invaluable tools for creative projects. In-house printing capabilities allow businesses to easily produce marketing materials, brochures, flyers, business cards, banners, and promotional items. This creative aspect is especially beneficial for businesses with graphic design, marketing, or advertising needs.

6. Immediate Access and Convenience

While digital files are accessible, they may not always be immediately available, especially if the internet is down or you’re in a remote location. Having a printer in the office ensures that you can access and print documents on demand, making it a convenient and reliable resource.

7. Confidentiality and Security

Printing documents in-house allows for greater control over the security and confidentiality of sensitive information. You can ensure that confidential documents are handled and disposed of properly within the office environment, reducing the risk of data breaches.

8. Proofreading and Review


Editing and proofreading are often more effective when done with printed documents. The tactile nature of hard copies makes it easier to mark up text, make notes, and review content. It’s also beneficial for collaboration, as team members can physically mark up documents during meetings.

9. Unforeseen Printing Needs

Emergencies and unforeseen printing needs can arise. Whether it’s a last-minute proposal or an urgent document required for a client meeting, having a printer in the office allows you to address these unexpected printing needs promptly and professionally.

10. Cost Control

While an initial cost is associated with purchasing and maintaining a printer, it can lead to cost savings in the long run. Offices can save money by handling their printing needs in-house instead of outsourcing to print shops, which often charge premium rates for rush orders or large print jobs. Over time, the cost of the printer and consumables can be more economical.

11. Customisation and Personalisation

In-house printing allows for customisation and personalisation of documents and materials. Whether it’s adding a personal touch to customer communications or tailoring marketing materials for specific clients, having the flexibility to print materials in-house enables businesses to deliver a more personalised experience.

12. Reliability and Control

Relying on external print shops or services can introduce a level of uncertainty and lack of control over the quality and timing of the printed materials. With an office printer, businesses have the reliability and control to ensure that materials are printed to their exact specifications and within their desired timeframe.

13. Emergency Preparedness

In times of emergencies, having a functioning printer in the office can be a lifeline. It enables businesses to produce essential documents and communication materials in case of power outages or other unexpected events.


Despite the trend towards digitisation, the printer remains an essential tool in the modern office environment. Its ability to produce hard copy documentation, handle legal and official documents, support professional presentations, facilitate creative projects, and provide convenience and cost control makes it indispensable. While digital technology continues to evolve, the printer’s role in the office is far from obsolete; it is an indispensable resource that enhances productivity, supports various business needs, and ensures that businesses can operate effectively in the digital age. So why not see if you need one today?


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