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CMS is a computer application that allows creation and modification of the digital content of the website. Multiple users in a collaborative environment can work simultaneously on CMS. We assist our clients in understanding and using a dedicated CMS so that they can make regular changes to their websites themselves quickly without blowing the time. This makes Logicsofts a leading CMS website design company in London.

Why is CMS important for your business?

  • Control Over Content – Businesses can easily amend their website content irrespective of the workflow needs.
  • Increase Efficiency – CMS allows for quick editing and publishing of website content without any prior design and coding knowledge results in saving business cost and time.
  • Increase Ranking – Regularly updated content improves search engine ranking.
  • Up selling – Advanced CMS grasps user behaviour and preferences to optimise up-selling attempts more effectively.
  • Online Branding – CMS allows your Digital Marketing Team to keep your business active through online marketing campaigns.
  • Customer Service – Help and support channels on the web page are easily maintained through a good CMS. This lets your buyers relish a pleasant customer experience on your website.
  • Device Optimization – Leading CMS allows presentations and content of the website to automatically adjust according to the device. This results in a maximum online engagement.

Content Management System is considered to be the best tool for online businesses and it does not necessitate any technical training, programming expertise and HTML skills to operate. The tool is inexpensive and can easily be learned.

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Our highly skilled website development team strictly adhere to different processes encompasses different web development services. Alongside, our quality control team keep monitoring at every step to ensure that the work gets completed on time without compromising on the quality.

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FAQ 's

Why do I need a Web Content Management System?
Why do I need a Web Content Management System?

You need to have some sort of CMS to manage the digital content of your website. There are numerous CMSs available nowadays like WordPress, Magento, Drupal, Joomla, etc. used by different kinds of professionals according to their technical knowledge and level of expertise. A sophisticated CMS will let you do real-time edits to your websites like revising the text content, images, designs and other website elements. You require a CMS because while it is incredibly powerful, it is surprisingly simple to learn and use.

Wow! So that means, we don’t need a web designer anymore?

With a CMS, you can read, create, modify, delete and publish your website content yourself. However, a CMS will allow you to maintain the digital content, but it’s not a design tool. It’s likely that you will still need to have a web designer or graphic designer for any design or visual elements of your site.

Wow! So that means, we don’t need a web designer anymore?
Do I need a special PC or Mac and my web server to use a CMS?
Do I need a special PC or Mac and my web server to use a CMS?

No, CMS is web-based and used with any computer with an internet connection and a modern browser. You can run CMS on your existing hosting packages and do not even require a web server. Speak to our experts to know different types of CMS, their usage and other information before you choose a CMS for your website.