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How we work

Logicsofts is a IT service provider doing a range of services : Web design, Development, Mobile Apps, Digital marketing, IT consultancy, IT support, cloud services, etc Logicsofts is a IT service provider doing a range of services : Web design, Development, Mobile Apps, Digital marketing, IT consultancy, IT support, cloud services, etc

Web development model & process

1. Planning

Arguably the most important stage since the mapping and decision-making sets the tone for the entire project. The planning stage involves a consideration of:

2. Design

This stage starts with developing a wireframe - a blueprint of the expectations and the information needed to meet the vision. The mapping in the planning stage is transposed into actual designs.


In this stage, the actual development – front-end, back-end or full-stack – takes place. It involves the following components:

4. Launch

In this stage, the website is tested completely and fine-tuned for any inconsistencies found in the testing phase. We polish all design elements, thoroughly test interactivity, and make changes based on any feedback related to the user experience. The launch stage comprises the following:

Why logicsofts come to mind when thinking of digital?


Years of experience in digital marketing niche


Not just an expert in SEO & Social, instead have extensive knowledge in all internet marketing platforms available (google ads, social, seo, content, cro, email, growth, automation, affiliate, referral, etc)


We understand each business is unique, therefore a bespoke strategy is required to fulfill the goals and targets. We invest time in each project to understand them fully


All businesses don't require the full package of digital marketing services, it depends on the business type which marketing strategy will suit best for your business. Therefore, we evaluate each project and give our recommended channels to use for your digital marketing campaign


We have expertise in web design and development which is a hidden requirement for any business to have a successful digital campaign. This is because no matter how much marketing is being done, at the end it all depends on how much the user/visitor is being satisfied by landing on your website page, landing page or product details page


We have dedicated guys in our digital team that work on latest techniques, updates and experiments in the digital field. It helps us to stay ahead always!

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This has been our tagline for many years now - WE HELP BUSINESS GROW ONLINE! And we mean it. We have access to all recommended online tools required for digital marketing and an awesome team with a perfect blend of experience and youth


Our reviews
speaks for ourselves


Communication is another hidden tool required for a business success. This is why we have very clear and straight communications steps and methods. We always make sure that Logicsofts and you are on the same page

Website design pricing

A website is as unique as your business. This is why designing websites does not come with a fixed price tag. We take into account every business’s specific needs, target audience and overall goals before coming up with a bespoke design, based on which the pricing is determined. We offer digital packages starting from £500 per month to our clients.

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