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Over the years mobile phones have evolved from a Christmas gift to a dynamic operative tool and have become an instrument of expediency in everyday life. Mobile applications help millions of consumers around the world to pay their electricity bills, transfer urgent funds, book tickets, order food and even buying obligatory articles through digital payment options available. Moreover, being a handy device, accessing anything on the mobile phones is speedier than on the stationary computers. As a result, mobile application usage around the world is increasing at a phenomenal rate. From small to large enterprises, mobile applications have brought about striking expansion in business operations and customer support.

Why is Mobile Application a necessity?

  • User Experience – Mobile Apps are operational on the device itself and do not require any browser to launch. Because of this, customers can easily communicate with the company and can get updated with the latest news on company’s products and services. Using mobile applications provides a great user experience deriving maximum engagement.
  • Branding - Mobile Application helps in great branding as well. Every time customers use their mobile devices, they are able to see the logo of the enterprise on the installed app. Alongside, word of mouth assists in downloading mobile application multiple times by the onlookers too. This indeed ensures maximum branding in a long run.
  • Push Notification – Push notification helps companies to send updates on products and services to their consumers. This enlarges interactions with the buyers and helps in up-selling and cross-selling.

Logicsofts is a professional mobile app design company in the UK that has proficient IT engineers and Mobile Application Developers who create mobile applications on a universal platform (Sencha Touch Cross Platform Technology uses HTML5), which is functional on all devices and gizmos. Mobile App Developers at Logicsofts are well organised in understanding customers’ business needs to create an efficient Mobile App for maximal customer engagement.

Service Process

Uses Analyse
UX/UI Desinging
Execute & Testing
Certify & Release

Our highly skilled website development team strictly adhere to different processes encompasses different web development services. Alongside, our quality control team keep monitoring at every step to ensure that the work gets completed on time without compromising on the quality.

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FAQ 's

What is your process for App development?
What is your process for App development?

Mobile App Developers at Logicsofts start every project with planning about the functions to be included considering the market competition and client’s requirement according to the products and services to be offered through the App.

Which app is better Android or IOS?

It's very difficult to compare the two as Android has more than 80% penetration of the smartphone market, but iPhone could be more prevalent among your target audience. While many consider iPhone Apps are better than Android Apps in appearance, others know that Android has a large advantage compared to Apple in emerging markets like Asia, Africa, South America, etc.

Which app is better Android or IOS?
How will an App sell my products and services?
How will an App sell my products and services?

Nowadays, mobile applications are made up of layers of functionality that the users turn onto at every situation. It is a method of creating lasting digital presence. Alongside, apps also authorise online payments with the help of payment gateways through which any consumer can pay after selecting the services and products offered by the client.

Why so many apps do not perform well and have a poor rating?

Many mobile applications are made without a clear plan by amateurs mobile app developers. These applications have poor looks, insufficient functionalities and are not user-friendly. Mobile app designers and developers at Logicsofts give special attention on looks, functionalities and responsiveness to develop a user-friendly application for the clients and their consumers.

Why so many apps do not perform well and have a poor rating?