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Professional SEO Services UK - Ethical Marketing by Logicsofts

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is possibly the most-used digital marketing channel. Yet surprisingly, few people get it right. That is because SEO services needs to be a disciplined activity undertaken by experts who are well-versed in improving your standing in search engine results. Logicsofts understands this well, which is why we are known as an ethical SEO service provider in the UK..

Abhay and Sam are the business owners deeply involved with its day to day operations, client handling and overall management. Abhay himself is a digital marketing expert and thereby increasing the improvement/success rates for each digital client. Sam on the other hand, is a technical expert and helps in efficiency and effectiveness of all businesses.

Attracted clients all over UK, Europe and Australia with the help of online marketing strategies




Digital marketing

Discover new opportunities with our SEO Services

Have you waited endlessly to discover new opportunities? Your digital marketing strategy, or lack of one, has probably played a very big role. It is never too late to start over. Our comprehensive services will help you make up for lost time.

Local SEO

Local searches often result in purchases. It's a discipline that involves optimizing your online presence so that relevant local searches can lead to an increase in in-store revenue.


The eCommerce growth of more than 1500 UK retailers is powered by Logicsofts. We provide reliable strategic marketing services of the highest quality designed to boost your online sales and conversions.


We're a highly-experienced SEO firm that's dedicated to increasing your organic traffic. Get the competitive advantage your website needs with SEO consulting.

Small Business

In a world where advertising costs are constantly rising and algorithms are changing, small businesses may not be able to compete with other social advertising platforms. Having steady customers will lead to increased revenues and growth for your business.

Link Building

We gain exposure for your brand through content marketing, social media promotion, and digital PR. By integrating SEO Link building, you can rank higher in Google search results while benefiting your online marketing strategy.


The right words have the power to draw people and elevate your business above the competition by increasing traffic, and leads.

International SEO

Our dedicated multilingual agency experts can assist you with ranking for relevant keywords across a wide range of different search engines.


Reviewing the technical functionality and organic traffic trends of the site is part of our process. A site audit allows us to identify the most significant improvements and optimization opportunities for your site.

SEO Reseller

We offer SEO reseller services that can help your agency grow. Let Logicsofts handle your SEO, SEM, Web Design, Social Media, Link Building and see the difference.

Outsource SEO

We have been specializing in SEO Outsourcing for more than a decade, improving rankings in Google by using organic methods that are ethical, simple, fast, and efficient.

Find out to improve the performance of your SEO marketing, today.

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We help customers write SEO success stories

For more than a decade, we have been helping our customers write digital success stories. We do this by suggesting solutions which enable them to make informed, data-driven decisions. Every digital marketing campaign that we design is unique, just like your business.

Move My Stuff is a Melbourne-based local removalist service provider. We audited their website, successfully re-designed it and also created research-based content for it. For SEO, we ranked for more than 500 keywords on Google Australia.


Generated monthly leads

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We initiated its campaign in 2017 and we got them a growth of 562.67% in terms of website traffic


Website traffic

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We started its SEO marketing campaign in Feb 2019 and we accomplished an outstanding growth of 3253.45% in overall website traffic. And if we just analyse organic traffic (SEO), the growth percentage was 14508.33 in 19 months only


Website traffic

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We initiated with their Google adwords marketing. In just 3 months time, we achieved unbelievable conversation ratio of 37.32% (it means 1 in 3 clicks on the website is being converted) which is great in google ads


Website traffic

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Why logicsofts come to mind when thinking of SEO?


Diverse experience

Our extensive and diverse experience of 11+ years in the SEO niche places us in a unique position to offer superior services to clients.


Depth of knowledge

We bring depth of knowledge in all SEO services to present you with an effective strategy that works every time.


Dedicated team

Our dedicated and dynamic team of SEO specialists ensures that all your marketing requirements are promptly addressed and serviced with the highest quality.


Flexible options

Our SEO packages offer flexibility to businesses to select an option which best suits their requirements and budget. No one-size-fits-all approach.


Growth enablers

Access to all recommended SEO tools and an experienced, enthusiastic team make for a perfect combination in enabling our clients’ online growth.


Diversity of clients

Our portfolio of clients includes an entire range of companies, from start-ups to large enterprises. We understand the different needs of every company.



We believe in clear and transparent communication at all stages in the process. This ensures that there is no scope for ambiguity.


Positive reviews

Our clients have consistently given us positive reviews which speak volumes about our quality and commitment.

SEO Services pricing/packages

Our SEO services are customised to your requirements. So is our SEO pricing. We understand your business in detail and build a detailed roadmap of SEO services which are best suited to your requirements. Instead of a fixed price tag, our packages are based on the level of services required. P ease get in touch with us to know more.

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SEO Services FAQs

Most businesses would like to partner with the best SEO company near them. However, selecting top provider is seldom easy, and a number of questions are bound to arise. Over the last 11+ years we have come across some questions related to SEO services more frequently than others. Mentioned below are some of them:

The Internet is growing rapidly, with loads of content being added daily. It becomes critical to optimise your digital presence so that your brand is visible to the right customers and prospects. SEO is one of the most effective marketing channels to achieve this.

When online search is conducted, keywords are used to find the best-possible results relevant to the search query. Using the right keywords in your digital marketing initiatives goes a long way in ensuring a high ranking in search results.

NSEO is an ongoing activity which is part of an overall digital marketing strategy. SEO by itself does not have a start or end date. While all efforts are made to expedite the process, the fact is that the best results come over a period of time through a disciplined and patient approach.

New content is uploaded on the web every day. Due to this, result pages on Googleand other search engines keep changing, which in turn affects rankings. Other factors, such as changes in ranking methodologies and removal of older or irrelevant web pages, also impact rankings.

There are primarily two types of SEO: on-page and off-page. On-page SEO comprises direct activities undertaken on a website to improve its ranking. Off-page SEO refers to indirect activities –such as social media engagement and backlinks –which drive traffic to your website and impact rankings.

Every business, whether large or small, has an online presence these days. SEO optimises a brand’s visibility on search engines by giving it the necessary exposure and expanding its reach. For small businesses, this can be a vital growth catalyst.

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