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Social Media Marketing Services by Logicsofts

Social media is a hotbed of activity. Its platforms have the power to make or break a brand. Businesses often fail to optimise their presence on social media. Which is why you need a social media marketing company that gives your brand’s social presence a whole new dimension. At Logicsofts, we design campaigns that give your brand a winning edge.

Our dynamic and enthusiastic social media team, led by expert consultant Charles Elena, comprises specialists with vast experience in digital marketing. The team is passionate about their work, and this will be evident when you interact with them.

Charles elena

Social media
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Discover social media services that boost your brand

Logicsofts is a IT service provider doing a range of services: Web design, Development, SEO, Mobile Apps, Digital marketing, IT consultancy, website management support, cloud services, etc.

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Our social media campaigns are result-oriented

Our expertise in social media marketing services has been instrumental in enhancing our client’s brand visibility on platforms and channels which matter the most. The campaigns designed by us are result-oriented and impactful. Here are some recent examples of our work:

Branding for “your stuff movers”

Logo Design
Flyer Design
Stationery Design
Brochure Design

Branding for “removalists adelaide”

Logo Design
Flyer Design
Stationery Design
Brochure Design

Why consider logicsofts for social media marketing services?

Jonathan McCrory

Founder, 1st class loans

Logicsofts has just built the third website for me. I’m extremely picky when it comes to website and the Logicsofts’ team has been extremely superb—I can’t recommend the company enough. When you’re looking to get a website built, you’re looking for three things—a good price, a high quality, and support. With Logicsofts you get all three. I look forward to working with the team on my next project.

Raj Pahwa

Owner of move my stuff

I want to thank the Logicsofts team for managing my social media, digital marketing, and SEO of my business over the last nine years. The team has done an incredible job looking after my account, especially in increasing the leads by 120% in the last six months.

Adil Mahmood

One of the best in game. They will go to the extra mile for you and meet every single requirement you need. I will highly recommend you to use logicsofts solution.

Social media marketing pricing/packages

We design customised social media marketing campaigns based on your branding and advertising requirements. We understand your objectives in detailrequirements.> and evaluate the breadth of services required before suggesting suitable packages for your consideration. This is why digital and social media marketing does notcome with a fixed price tag. Please get in touch with us to know more.

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Social media marketing FAQs

A number of questions may come to mind during the process of shortlisting a social media marketing agency in the UK. Several aspects need to be considered before making this all-important choice. Over the last 11+ years, we have observed that some questions come up more frequently than others. Mentioned below are some of them:

The choice of social media typically depends on the type of communication – B2B or B2C. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are the preferred choices for nearly all brands. Instagram, Pinterest and Snapchat are popular for consumer brands.

For multiple social media posts, we recommend creating a batch of such posts and scheduling them as per a specific frequency depending on the social media platform. A number of effective scheduling tools are available to help in this effort.

Social media marketing agencies play multiple roles such as curating content, scheduling posts, managing your social media calendar and engaging with customers. If budget permits, then it makes good business sense to hire an agency.

The simplest answer: no. What works on Facebook will not work on Twitter and LinkedIn. The reason is that audiences are different on each of these platforms, which means that the content must be tailored or repurposed to suit the specific audience.

Paid social media posts help in driving traffic to your website and increasing brand awareness. They target audiences that may miss regular updates. A good social media strategy will include components of paid as well as non-paid content.

For this, you need to understand your target audience and which platform you are posting on. Sometimes, brands ask customers directly regarding the content they are interested in. Tools are available to discover trending or popular topics.

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