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How to create a customer portal in Webflow? Hot takes from behind the scenes

9th November 2022

One of the often-asked questions about any website self-service system is how to create a customer portal. It is one of the topics that keep on coming to us at ScienceSoft.  So we have decided to take you behind the scenes on how to create a successful customer portal in WebFlow. 

But before we do that, we will discuss what a customer portal is and why your business needs it. 

What Is A Customer Portal?

A customer portal can be referred to as a single platform communicating system between you and your customer. Even 90% of customers prefer to get a self-service via a customer support portal. The software interface has been designed to give immediate access to the customers about your company information, services, account history, purchase history,  payment information, etc. 

The key feature of a customer portal is to allow the customers to access all this information by themselves without contacting any customer care personnel.

Why Does Your Business Need A Customer Portal? 

No company can survive without satisfying the customers in this world and market. Customer satisfaction has become the key to becoming a scalable business. This can be achieved by offering an amazing customer experience. Looking at the statistics, as per Forbes, almost 84% of companies have attained improved revenue by prioritizing customer experience. So any business that wants to have the edge over its competitors needs to develop a customer portal service as it offers quite a few advantages. We are mentioning only three of them. 

Why Does Your Business Need A Customer Portal

1. Round-the-clock information

With the help of a customer portal, you can offer most of the key information to your customer anywhere, anytime. The clients no longer need to wait for your representatives to be online to answer their queries and resolve issues without any delay. Moreover, you can also track how the customer uses the information to benefit themselves, which can become an innovative part of your solution. 

2. Integrating the system

You no longer have to maintain invoicing, payment procedures, billings, updating contact information, and other operational challenges separately.  Instead, a customer portal can unify all these into a single platform that the client can use to update this information. As a result, your customer care executives can focus on offering their services to more pressing issues then work on all these mundane activities. 

3. Streamlining the communication

With the help of the customer portal, you can create custom fields based on the customers’ issues. The customer care executive can use data captured from the relevant information to solve the customer’s problem more efficiently. The other added advantage of streamlining the communication ensures the information is shared between you and the customer only in a cloud-based secured environment.

It is easy to strengthen the relationship with the client with the customer portal because they can measure the benefits of communication via self-service. 

So now, let’s get to the burning question of how to create a customer portal in Webflow? Yes you can choose any Webflow alternative available as well. We will be taking you behind the scenes of how an exceptional utility customer portal solution is created. 

How To Create A Customer Portal In Webflow? – The Hot Takes!

The part of creating a unique and effective customer portal in Webflow should be based on the top three features it should have. They are:

  • Improved Functionality, utility, and ROI
  • Enhanced engagement with the customer
  • A seamless UX/UX experience

Keeping these three features in mind, here are some steps on how to create a customer portal in Webflow. 


1. What does your client want?

You will always fail to create a successful and utility-based customer portal unless you understand your client’s perspective. The best part to get this done is to gather information on your clients’ questions, what they are looking for in their experience, and what kind of relationship they are seeking with you. This can be categorized into two more questions:

  • Are they looking for added information or access to certain features on a regular basis?
  • If so, what are they, and how can you provide them?

The last thing you would want is to build a client portal on assumptions and ideas that you have about your clients’ requirements. So instead, why not contact your most trusted and loyal clients and discuss with them what they are looking for in the customer portal?

2. Learn to automate

While we often discuss how a customer portal is developed for customers’ benefit, that is true. However, we also need to consider how it can improve the ROI. This can be done easily by looking into the business’s internal management system, which can be simplified and centralized. For example, if you are manually storing your data and reports every day and every week, it’s time you use the customer portal software to automate and archive it regularly. Check if things that are being done can be automated. Along with this, data tracking and analytics are built within the customer portal to give you a better understanding of your business and your customers’ profiles.

3.  User efficiency

A customer portal will fail to function if it does not have a user-friendly interface. So why will you provide its functionality on desktop laptop mobile devices with mobile and web applications? It needs to have used its efficiency at its core. So while you are looking to reduce customer complaints with customer portal service, it should also be developed so that you can use it without any issue as the owner of the business. One of the hot takes we can offer is always to choose the customer portal solution that can be configured and integrated into your system. 

With these features and utility in place when developing a customer portal solution, you are in a position to increase your customer retention and loyalty while scaling your business for the better. 

Final Words

So, if you don’t have a customer portal on WebFlow yet, it’s time you get one. It will help you support your customers proactively and help you create your brand and stand out among the rest. 

If you are looking for a partner who can help you create the best customer portal in Webflow that adheres to all these features mentioned earlier and utilities, contact us today!


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