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Ultimate Guide to PPC Management Companies

19th January 2023

In the present times, when every business has shifted their operations online, business owners keep on looking for novel digital marketing strategies to get higher online visibility and attract more customers. Pay per Click (PPC) is a digital marketing process that is quite popular in recent times. PPC marketing enables advertisers or business owners to accumulate costs when customers click on their advertisements. These PPC management companies tender on the outstanding value of a click concerning the platforms, keywords, and audience class in which it arises and further assists businesses in increasing their organic searches.

What is a PPC management company?

A PPC management company is an organisation that assess and evaluate the digital ad campaigns of various online businesses and further guide them on how much expenditure they should make on PPC ads. Additionally, if the companies are unable to run a PPC ad campaign by themselves, these PPC management companies can also perform these operations on their behalf.

What are the 4 key areas for PPC management? How to work efficiently in these key areas?

PPC administration is usually regarded as a progressing evolving art where every online business’s main objective is comprehensive optimisation. While large companies hold an internal PPC management team, it is usually not possible for small businesses to hire one.

Small businesses either perform this PPC marketing on their own or look for a PPC marketing agency that is affordable and efficient in the 4 major key areas mentioned below.

1. Establish goals that are attainable and data-driven

The initial key area that must be taken care of while a PPC management is to establish attainable and data-driven goals. This is the initial step that every PPC management company must perform. By establishing achievable data-driven goals, businesses can determine their Return on Investment (ROI) from a PPC campaign and identify product margins, client acquisition rates and many more.

Adopting this strategic practice can further assist businesses in increasing their brand awareness among customers and identifying the right keywords to generate more leads and organic traffic on their landing page.

2. Create a PPC Structure

Another critical area to focus on while Pay Per Click management is to create an optimised Pay Per Click structure. Google search engine is the most reliable source that various PPC management companies depend on while creating a PPC marketing strategy. However, it is equally important to understand that the needs of every business are different, and hence, you must always ensure that the PPC management company you hire must always create a unique PPC structure that is tailor-made for the growth of your business.

3. Never be afraid about the early exhaustion of your budget.

Every online advertisement campaign requires funds, and it is no different when it comes to PPC marketing. When you look for a PPC management company, always keep in mind that you will be required to spend some extra cash at the initial stage to identify whether the PPC campaign is performing as expected or not.

If the campaign is not performing as anticipated, you can always ask your Pay Per Click company to think of new keyword ideas or eliminate negative keywords. While this process can exhaust your budgets early, it is guaranteed that this will yield positive results in future.

4. Regularly examine and & optimise your outcomes

Every PPC campaign that you initiate through a PPC marketing agency must hold long term goals to earn constant profits. Hence, you must regularly monitor and optimise your PPC campaign outcomes to ensure it is running correctly. If not, you can further boost the performance by inserting novel keywords.

What do PPC agencies do?

A skilled and efficient PPC agency usually performs various functions simultaneously. Some of the top operations performed by a PPC agency includes:

  • Thorough keyword research that suits your distinct business needs and generates more leads.
  • Creating distinct channel strategies for various platforms like Google AdWords, affiliate marketing platforms, etc.
  • Performing a competitor analysis along with measuring ROI and performing A/B split testing to optimise Return on Investment.

Advantages of hiring a PPC management company over a PPC specialist?

During these challenging times, every business wishes to cut down on their expenses. This is why many companies nowadays are moving towards hiring a PPC agency rather than employing an in-house PPC specialist. Mentioned below are a few more added advantages of hiring a PPC agency.

  • PPC marketing agencies are more skilled and experienced when compared to a single PPC specialist.
  • PPC marketing agencies hold more resources and strategies that can assist in taking your PPC campaign to the next level.
  • With the assistance of a PPC marketing agency, you can easily lower your overhead expenses as these agencies are already established and apprehend how to reduce the campaign costs by directly applying influential strategies.

How does a PPC marketing agency maximise your income?

A PPC management company can easily assist in enhancing your revenues by increasing the search traffic on your website and landing page. Right after you acquire a bid for an advertisement in your business, the ads go live. This implies that it can be viewed by users who search for a specific keyword that you have targeted. PPC agencies ensure that your advertisements always remain on top and you gain increased traffic and revenues with the assistance of a higher click-through rate.

Who should hire a PPC management company?

Pay Per Click is a strategic initiative that every emerging business must include in their digital marketing campaign. In addition to this, companies that are novel in the online field or do not hold an internal advertising team or businesses with low ad budgets are always advised to hire reputed PPC management companies.

How much does a PPC management company charge in the UK?

PPC management companies in the UK charge for PPC marketing in 4 various ways

  • Payment on an hourly basis where these agencies on average charge £30 hourly
  • Percentage-based pricing method where these PPC agencies charge around 15% to 20% of your entire ad spend
  • Flat rate charges where the price ranges from £400 – £2000 or more depending on the kind of services rendered

The last one being the performance-based price range where you can make payment to these PPC management companies based on the performance of your ads i.e. the more number of leads an ad generates, the higher amount of charges the Pay Per Click company receives.

How to choose a PPC company without being fooled?

Picking out a reliable PPC management company can be a difficult task, especially in the present times when there are a lot of fraudulent ones out there who just plunder your hard-earned money. Here are some ways that can help you choose a more reliable and accurate PPC marketing agency:

  • Always analyse your needs and then look for the company that is equipped to fulfil your specific business requirements.
  • Check their list of clientele along with the ratings and reviews presented by the former clients.
  • Compare the PPC management company price range with the standard prices in the industry and monitor what long-term strategies they will adopt for your PPC marketing.

How do PPC ads work?

For advertisements to emerge besides the outcomes on a SERP (Search Engine Results Page) or search engines, businesspeople cannot solely spend more to assure that their advertisements emerge more prominently than their rival’s advertisements. Instead, they must invest in strategic PPC campaigns.

In a Pay-Per-Click promotion, advertisements are subjected to a bidding method also known as Ad Disposal. It’s an automatic method accompanied by significant search engines to ascertain the efficacy and pertinence of the advertisements manifested on their SERP’s (Search Engines Results Page).

List of top PPC management companies, UK 2023

While there are thousands of PPC management companies operating in the UK presently, you must always look for agencies that hold immense expertise in this field. Additionally, to make your selection easier, mentioned below is the Top 20 PPC management companies list, UK 2022.

1. Logicsofts

logicsofts ppc management companies

Logicsoft is a leading PPC management company in the UK with more than 10 years of specialization in this realm. You can blindly trust Logicsoft for all your PPC ad campaigns. The expert team here is highly skilled and efficient in determining your specific business needs and creating strategies accordingly. It is a 1 stop shop for all your website development, website management and digital marketing needs.

2. Genie Crawl

geniecrawl ppc management companies

Instituted in 2018, the UK based company, Geniecrawl also bags a prominent position in this list. Genie Crawl holds an accumulation of a vast team of experts in PPC marketing, SEO, SMM, and many more.

3. LoudMouth Media

loudmouth ppc management companies

LoudMouth media is a comprehensive advertising agency with expertise in generating more leads and increasing client revenues through their PPC ad campaigns.

4. myWebhero

mywebhero ppc management companies

Situated in Wickford, UK, myWebhero is a PPC marketing agency that concentrates mainly on Bing ads, Google Adwords and Youtube Ads to increase customer traffic on your websites.

5. Flycast Media

flycastmedia ppc management companies

Instituted in 2009, Flycast Media is a prominent PPC marketing agency that is also well-known for its website design services, SEO and many more.

6. Summon Digital

summon ppc management companies

Summon Digital is a digital advertising agency that focuses mainly on the PPC marketing needs and requirements of small and medium-sized business organisations.

7. Add People

addpeople ppc management companies

A vast PPC management company with an expert team of more than 200 employees, Add People is a PPC management company that serves the PPC requirements of various business sectors, including hospitality, e-commerce and many more.


prof ppc management companies

PROF is an outstanding pay per click company that is also an expert in rendering services like SEO, digital advertisements, affiliate marketing etc.

9. Red Hot Penny

redhotpenny ppc management companies

Red Hot Penny is well-known for its digital marketing and PPC strategies that many online businesses trust for increasing their brand awareness and presence online.

10. Soap Media

soapmedia ppc management companies

Instituted in Preston, UK, Soap Media holds immense expertise in presenting world-class PPC marketing and SEO services.

11. Minty Digital

minty ppc management companies

Minty Digital is again a leading PPC marketing company that is situated in London (UK) and Barcelona. Their client range includes health care industries, medical industries etc.

12. Digital Media Team

dmt ppc management companies

Digital Media Team is one of the few PPC management companies that also presents excellent SMM and Email marketing services.

13. Vixen Digital

vixen ppc management companies

Established in the year 2017, Vixen Digital also bagged a superior position in the list of top PPC management companies. This institution is well-known for rendering quality SEO strategies to medium-sized online businesses.

14. Footprint Digital


With more than 8 years of experience, Footprint Digital is a PPC marketing company that further specialises in SEO and Conversion optimisation.

15. Cato Marketing


Cato Marketing is again a digital advertising agency that holds an expert team that specialises in PPC marketing on Google Adwords.

16. Greenlight


With an expert crew of more than 150 people, Greenlight is an extensive PPC marketing agency that assists businesses with enhanced brand visibility.

17. The SEO Works


A Google Partner and specialist, The SEO Works is yet again the most influential PPC management company that is serving in the industry for 11 years.

18. SQ Digital


SQ Digital is a top PPC management company that mainly focuses on building PPC marketing strategies for small-sized businesses.

19. E Direct


Headquartered in Bournemouth, UK, E Direct is an online advertising agency that concentrates on assisting businesses with its exceptional PPC ad services.

20. Digivate


Digivate is a pre-eminent name in the PPC marketing industry that is also known for its content marketing and SMM services.

Pay Per Click companies’ primary goal is to increase client conversions and boost company profits. However, this goal can only be achieved when handled with care by a team of experts. It might be helpful for you to know that choosing one of the top PPC management companies, Logicsofts, is like hitting the bullseye. Logicsofts is a UK based company that does all PPC related work for the best prices and in a way that suits and fulfils all your companies’ needs.

If you are still unsure then do go through the above-mentioned list of Top PPC Management Companies and find the one for you.

If you are still unsure then do go through the above-mentioned list of Top PPC Management Companies and find the one for you.

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