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Best SEO Company For Jewellers & Jewellery Suppliers

9th February 2023

Are you a jeweller or jewellery supplier in need of more business? Search engine ranking is one of our specialties. Jewellers and jewellery suppliers can generate more leads with the help of top SEO services. Results in higher search rankings, organic traffic, phone calls, sales, and profit.

You should use your website to acquire new clients if you already have one and market it through SEO.


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Table of Content:

1. Why Do jewellers & jewellery suppliers need SEO?
2. Advantages of SEO for Jewellers and Jewellery Suppliers
3. Case Studies by Logicsofts
4. Conclusion

Why Do Jewellers & Jewellery Suppliers need SEO?

jewellers & Jewellery Suppliers

Hopefully, when we talk about search engine optimization for e-commerce websites our eyes glaze over at the mention of metadata, keywords, and analytics, but how many of us know what they are, or how to implement them? 

Instead of just being a search engine, Google is now regarded as a recommendation engine. According to this understanding, users expect Google to provide the most helpful and trusted results first, along with shortcuts for the most important actions, including getting directions or calling the business directly.

For Jewelers & Jeweler Suppliers to reach as many potential new visitors as possible, SEO is an important part of their marketing & advertising strategy. Printing is, however, a competitive market, with several websites competing for a handful of top search engine positions, including Google and Bing. 

Approximately 90% of consumers seek products and services through search engines, and people rarely look beyond the first page of results. The level of tailored Search Engine Optimization we provide will increase traffic and conversions.

Jewelers & Jeweller Suppliers should ensure that their websites are visible when potential clients search for the services they provide. In other words, their website must rank highly in Google, Yahoo, and the other search engines with the right keywords such as ‘jewelry’ or ‘jewellery supplier’ that will attract the right kind of traffic to their site.

Advantages of jewellers & jewellery suppliers

>Increase Quality Traffic to Your Site

SEO aims to get your site into the top three search engine result pages (SERPs) regardless of the competition. The majority of impressions and clicks are received by these spots on the first page. 

As per research,

  • The top 3 Google search results get 75% of all clicks
  • On mobile, the top spot receives 27.7% of all clicks 
  • CTR increases by 30.8% on average when moving up one spot
  • The majority of searchers never reach the second page of results51% of website traffic is primarily generated by organic search

This can mean a significant increase in traffic. Creating engaging search snippets is at the core of SEO.

>Generate a Higher ROI


For today’s generation, SEO is the new superhero. All jewellers and jewellery suppliers are e-commerce brands these days. Trackable and quantifiable results are provided by SEO. All e-Commerce sites must be mobile-friendly. All the sites aim to generate a higher ROI. When you use SEO, you can keep track of almost every component of your strategy, such as increases in rankings, traffic, and conversions.


Search engine optimization is a cost-effective marketing strategy. That will further boost your ROI. As a result, businesses can save more money with inbound strategies compared to outbound ones.

> Improves site Usability


Both users and search engines can navigate your website more easily with SEO. Your site will be more efficiently indexed by search engine crawlers, and it will also be more user-friendly. SEO contributes towards creating a positive user experience.

Case Studies by Logicsofts

Read Logicsofts SEO case studies here.


To get your website on the first page of the search engines, we provide a premier search engine optimization service. Rank your website on Google’s, Yahoo’s, and Bing’s first page of search results with our expertise.

Logicsofts, being the best digital transformation company, provides the best SEO services.

Our SEO packages offer customized SEO solutions that provide great results. We have an in-house team of experts to ensure we deliver what you promise.

We will take care of your SEO so you can take care of your business on a day-to-day basis.

 If you are jeweller or a jewellery supplier who would like to see a higher ranking for your website in the search engine rankings by contacting us. Feel free to contact us on 0208 629 1504.


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