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Timeless Or Trendy Which Is Best For Web Design

20th January 2023

Web design is a field that is always changing. Trends can come and go real fast. While this would be the norm for any industry in existence, what makes web design different is that most people who use the internet use it to be an information resource. This means that almost everyone prefers something that conveys a feeling or message. Moreover, web design can tell your brand’s story and help you convert more buyers. 

There are two major approaches applied when designing a website. First, there’s the trendy web design approach where the content is carefully designed to suit the trends and make it look attractive for that particular time. On the other hand, a timeless web design is designed not to give importance to today’s trends and norms but made to be simple and intuitive to users across different periods. 

Whatever design you choose, ensure that you do it professionally. For example, if your business is in the UK, you can look for website designers London to design your business website with a theme that fits your UK-based business and appeal to your target audience. 

This article discusses where trendy and timeless designs score when creating a website. 

  • Trendy Designs For Short Term Opportunities 

A trendy design can be a great approach if you’re looking to impact your audience over the short term. An example might be a web design that reflects the season, such as a Halloween-themed colour scheme or decorations for Christmas. This is a way to connect with your audience and provide them with something they’ll find interesting and fun.

Another reason why trends can be helpful is that they create a sense of urgency. You’re offering a limited-time promotion and want to drive as many sales as possible during that period. A trendy design can help you connect with your audience in real-time and get them excited about the offer.

  • Timeless Offer More Functionality 

Choosing timeless designs means having more flexibility over the long term. You’ll have a better idea of how to use that design in future marketing campaigns, which is particularly useful for branding.

For example, let’s say you’ve chosen a bold red colour for your brand and are using it in your logo and other marketing materials. If you’re planning on running seasonal promotions, you could use this red shade as part of your holiday-themed content. That colour scheme on your website will be consistent with other non-digital aspects of your business which shows consistency across your business. So apart from an intuitive user interface, it serves as a branding and digital marketing channel. 

  • Timeless Designs Are Less Demanding

responsive web design

Rather than drawing attention to themselves, timeless designs blend into their surroundings. They’re conservative, and you don’t have to think too much about them. Timeless designs are simple, accessible, and comfortable. Users don’t care if they’re using something with a timeless design because they don’t even notice it most of the time — it just works.

Although many feels like having the latest technology is a must for a great website, that’s not always true, especially if you have to constantly update your website to keep up with the latest tech. The timeless designs will just work on their own. 

  • Trendy Offers More Personalized Experience 

A trendy website can be expected to offer a more personalized experience and deliver a high-quality UI/UX. Additionally, site visitors will feel valued by the brand, and their needs will be met. Trendy designs also offer an immediate connection between the customer and the brand. They can instantly identify it, which means they will return again and again.

However, keeping up with trends requires constantly monitoring what’s hot right now and what’s not. That can be time-consuming and costly in the long run. Trends have a limited shelf life, so you’ll have to update your design once it becomes outdated. This can be frustrating for both you and your visitors.

  • Timeless Designs Are Always Relevant

Trendy designs come and go, but timeless designs are always relevant. This is particularly important for businesses that rely on their website for sales. An outdated site could give visitors the impression that the company isn’t up-to-date with current trends and technologies — even if that isn’t accurate. It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in; a well-designed website is essential for success.

Every aspect of your timeless website design will be relevant, no matter how much time passes by, without any updates or changes made to your site. The design will always look fresh and appealing to your audience, even lacking the latest features and functionality.


Striking a balance between trendy and timeless isn’t as easy as it sounds, especially in web design and development. A web designer should be able to create both trendy websites that are attractive to customers and timeless designs that will still look just as great years from now. Combining these two elements is important because future generations have different views than the current generation regarding web design looks.


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