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Top 5 Innovative Digital Marketing Trends for Newbie Entrepreneurs

6th May 2022

There was a time when AI (Artificial Intelligence) and VSEO (voice search engine optimization) seemed like far-fetched concepts; however, today, these have been successfully incorporated into the innovative digital marketing trends. And who didn’t see this coming? After all, everything has changed since the pandemic hit the globe and many businesses had to become digitized to survive and thrive in the rapidly-changing online landscape.

That said, businesses that want to reach the top of SERPs and want to stand out in their respective niches can no longer rely on educated guesses. Suppose you are a newbie entrepreneur who has recently launched your business. In that case, you should know about how search engines work and which innovative digital marketing trends you must incorporate to reach your target audience and make it big in the market.

Here is our list of five digital marketing trends that all newbie entrepreneurs should incorporate in their digital marketing strategies.

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Artificial Intelligence Optimization

You might have already noticed the big change behind how the most successful businesses are operating. Each of the most successful businesses has incorporated AI in many of their services, such as chatbots in customer service and the generation of creative content.

With the help of AI, business owners can successfully analyze customer behaviour regarding their search patterns. AI also derives useful data from social media to help business owners understand what kinds of products and services their target audience is looking for.

AI-integrated optimization also allows businesses to rank on the top of SERPs due to improving content readability, keyword ranking, and choosing the best sub-topics. It has been analysed that the businesses ignoring the integration of AI will find themselves at a serious competitive disadvantage in the upcoming years.


Social Media Stories

social Media Stories

We live in a world dominated by social media. While social media allows businesses to connect with their customer and target audience while enabling them to interact with the “people” behind the brand and the team of the service providers, social media is also an effective way to keep the people engaged and updated about the latest promotions and whatnot.

When it comes to social media stories, Snapchat was the first social media platform to include the feature of “story.” Subsequently, Instagram and Facebook followed suit. Now, you will see this feature available on other popular social media platforms, too, including YouTube and Twitter.

If you are wondering how you can use social media stories for your advantage, let us tell you about the customer’s fear of missing out, also known as FOMO. Stories can be used tactfully to induce FOMO as they tend to disappear after a 24-hours window. That said, marketers can use stories to connect with their target audience and customer on a personal level by sharing genuine content.

Amongst the best ways to use social media stories are to use public polls. Upload a live promotional video, add website links, and add mentions for your fans.


Conversational Marketing

Different surveys have proven that customers prefer interacting with chatbots as they can receive instant and authentic responses to their queries 24/7. That said, conversational marketing allows marketers to use this preference and integrate it into their business strategy accordingly.

The truth about today’s customers is that they hate to wait. If they need their questions answered, they need the answers right now, and not anytime later. This is where conversational marketing comes in. This innovative digital marketing strategy enables an instant and personal connection between the potential buyer(s) and the marketers.

The best aspect of this innovative digital marketing strategy is that it is available across different platforms, including social media. Successful companies incorporate a wide range of conversational marketing strategies, such as personalized emails, the use of chatbots, personalized videos, and virtual assistants.



One of the best ways to stand out in your niche and expand your clientele is by integrating personalization’s innovative digital marketing trend. It has been estimated that customers and potential buyers prefer brands that provide them with the best user experience, and the best way to achieve that is through personalization.

It is essential to mention here that personalization isn’t only about giving your customers the best unboxing and unpacking experience, especially, which is equally important in e-commerce, but personalization also includes the use of personalized emails, messages, and products.

According to different surveys, potential buyers are more likely to buy and react in response to personalized emails and messages than generic marketing messages. According to the different survey data, personalized emails and products lead to a 65% in conversion rate and a boost in customer engagement (55%).


Voice Search

Voice Search

Since the pandemic has hit the globe, and people have been staying at home, avoiding social contact, we have seen a massive rise in the use of voice search. This increase in the use of voice search caused business owners and digital marketers to rethink their digital marketing strategies and integrate voice search. That said, nearly 60% of potential consumers use voice search to find their desired products and services.

According to a study, nearly 50% of adult internet users use voice search every day. Besides, every month there are at least 1 billion voice searches. It is important to mention that since more companies are integrating voice search on their digital marketing strategies, you might need to integrate a unique approach to improve customer interaction and generate the best brand experience.


Final Thoughts

As a business owner and digital marketer, you can no longer rely on educated guesses alone. We live in the age of Digital Darwinism, where survival is guaranteed only for business ventures that are open to change and stay updated on the latest technology and digital marketing strategies. The changing online landscape has also changed customer behavior, which is why you must keep looking forward to integrating the latest tools, technology, and strategies to gain a competitive edge and land at the top of SERPs.


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