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Top 10 Web Development Companies In Birmingham

6th May 2022

Every single day, businesses are feeling the need to get their business on board. Due to this, every business is reaching the crucial step of making a website for which they require the services of a professional web development company.

Finding the best website development agency is also a challenging task as it requires a lot of research, and there are a few aspects that you should not ignore.

In this article, we will have a look at why you should hire a website development agency, its qualities and how you can select the best development company for your business. We have also compiled a list of the top 10 website development firms which can offer you quality web services.

Why the developer is your best buddy?

web development buddy

Many businesses are confused about why hiring a website development company is necessary. Some business organisations just consider them as an added expense. Here are a few reasons why the web developers are your best buddy:

  1. SEO Compliance

Search Engine Optimization is a digital marketing technique used by expert web developers. By hiring a professional web development company, you can directly implement these skills on your website, which will help in better website ranking.

  1. Optimization

Website content should be optimized for lead conversions, search engine compatibility, loading speed etc. It is a dynamic concept, and only experts can keep the best track of it for the latest optimization trends.

  1. Uniqueness

Professional web designers are capable of designing a unique website for the company. It will help in attracting visitors to your website.

  1. Validation & Semantics

With the best designing company, you can make a semantically accurate site and adhere to best practices of website standards.

  1. Browser Compatibility

As there are several browsers, your website developer will test the site on every browser before making it live. It is also necessary from an SEO point of view.

Qualities Of The Best Web Development Company

To find the right web development agency, you need to focus on specific qualities. As per the latest market trends, the top 5 qualities of website development companies includes the following:

  1. Collaboration

There should be a direct collaboration with the website developer. It will be easy to shape your site’s methodology, deadline, and goals with a direct partnership.

  1. Security

Website development companies should have high-security coding for sites. It must be connected with business data and can also be used by clients.

  1. Methodology

It is essential to execute the correct methodology for the development of sites. Development companies should adopt appropriate and standard strategies for creating perfect websites.

  1. Level Of Competency

To select the right agency for your website, always check the skills and experience of the agency you are going to hire.

  1. Portfolio

Always check the previous project experience of the web agency you are hiring. If you are satisfied with the company’s earlier projects, then only hire the web development company.

How To Select The Best Website Development Company?

As many website developers are out there, it is not easy to choose a perfect web developer for your website. Below are some tips on selecting the best website development agency for your business.

  1. Check Official Website

Check if the official website of the website development company is impressive. It should be as per the design and web development rules, i.e., digital marketing rules.

  1. Web Hosting Service

While selecting the website development company, check if they provide web hosting services. If a website developer cannot offer hosting services, they may not be able to fulfill your requirements. However, this is not an issue if you already have good hosting.

  1. Expertise In Internet Marketing

With the help of your website, you can easily convert visitors into regular customers. Make sure you choose a developing company which is an expert in internet marketing.

  1. Knowledge Of Web Technology

Before selecting a web developer, check what technology they use for web development. If they are not using the latest technology like cloud solutions, Machine learning, digital solutions, CMS websites, etc., they may not be able to meet your requirements.

  1. Problem-Solving Capacity

Check if the company you are going to hire is capable of solving problems. Also, they should offer you services which are as per the latest trends and can also provide quick solutions to the issues which arise during the web development process.

Top 10 Best Web Development Companies In Birmingham

As per the latest trend in the market, it is very important to have an outstanding website for your business. However, sometimes it becomes challenging to make a website as per market trends. To solve the issue here is a list of the top 10 website development agencies in Birmingham

Exploding Phone

Exploding Phone

It has the skills and experience to deliver world-class solutions by maintaining agility and size to provide highly personal and client-centred partnerships. The company focuses on offering the best technical solutions to its customers.



Expert in creating award-winning sites. Capable of driving traffic from search engines and convert to visitors. Proficient in offering long term services to clients. One can avail of services like

  • Testing from every angle
  • Creating content to ensure conversion
  • Design a site to provide instant understanding & recognition
  • Identifying the right audience

CSI Media

CSI Media

This award-winning company is well versed in offering advanced solutions for enterprise-level and mid-market companies. They can deliver world-class digital solutions, including software systems, business portals, e-commerce platforms, web applications, CMS websites, etc.



They are formerly known as GBKSOFT, capable of offering innovative technologies to businesses. They are experts in DevOps, Enterprise Mobility, Enterprise VR, Machine Learning & AI, BI & Data Science, Embedded Software, Cloud Solutions, Microservices and High load system.



They are equipped with a passionate team of engineers and designers who love to help companies showcase their value to the world. With creative vision and strategic thinking, they have created various unique websites.

Foresight Mobile

Foresight Mobile

Capable of delivering the native experience to the user and expert in publishing the same app to the web and will also target big platforms on the same codebase. Along with services, they also offer guidance in making fantastic websites.

Jask Creative

Jask Creative

They offer print management, content creation, social media management, PR, digital marketing, web development, creative design, campaign strategy, and branding for businesses with big ambitions.

Sherbet Donkey Media

Sherbet Donkey Media

Expert in print media, PPC, SEO, design & development of the website. They are equipped with people experts in graphic designers, digital marketing specialists etc.



Work hard to offer a competitive advantage and offer growth to your business. Here website designers are experts in building responsible and fresh websites to help you achieve increased revenue, and business goals.



Proficient in implementing new ways to help customers. They do not just blindly work on user requirements as per the latest trends; they also give valuable suggestions to the client to make a successful product.


Sometimes it becomes challenging to get a perfect web development company. With the help of the above points, you can easily decide which company to hire for your business. Remember to check the various aspects before hiring a web development agency for your business.






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