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22nd July 2021

Utilizing a recruitment agency can be a fundamental part of any association as it can eventually determine the fate of a business. The troublesome part is finding the right agencies for your business. Luckily, we’ve made the search simpler for you with a rundown of the top recruitment agencies in the UK.

Who needs to hire recruitment agencies? 

Using a recruitment agency is beneficial for most companies. But this is especially true for small companies since it’s challenging for them to find qualified talent. Reviewing applications, interviewing candidates, and negotiating salaries can be cumbersome, taking precious time away from a CEO’s more important obligations which may end up hurting the business in the long run. Recruitment agencies take the time and effort out of this rat race. 

How do I choose a good recruitment agency?

  • Start with defining what you’re looking for in your prospective employee 
  • Next is to pick your ideal recruitment agency fitting the enlisted office type 
  • Thirdly, make sure that your choice stays within your budget
  • Finally, check the demonstrated skillset of 3 of your ideal recruitment agencies

Top 20 Recruitment Agencies in the UK

1. Propel


Propel, a recruitment agency in the UK emphasizes computerized organizations and the tech area in London and further abroad.  Their main area of expertise is Advertising, Media, Retail, E-commerce and Creative Services.

Company’s website:

Company’s contact details: 0203 965 6524,

2. Huntress Group

Huntress Group.

Huntress Group commits to recruiting the most skilled talents in office support, IT, Accounting, and Finance.

Huntress is a local, independent recruiter that places job seekers in support, finance, and IT roles across the UK and connects them to employers fast!

Since they believe in building lasting relationships with their clients and candidates throughout their careers, Huntress takes pride in keeping their promises and delivering the best possible service to all their customers. 

Company’s website:

Company’s contact details: 020 7744 1300

3. Silicon milk Roundabout

Silicon Milk Roundaboutr

Silicon, a startup recruitment agency in the UK, provides recruitment services for technology and startup companies.

Making a decision to hire a good employee or to hire a great team member is not an easy task. Algorithms are limited in their utility.

It is only by hanging out with people, in the real world, that you can know if you want to work with them. This is how their success has been built.

Company’s website:

Company’s contact details:

4. Satigo


Satigo, a recruitment agency in the UK, operates as a flexible partner for tech and computerized-based startups. They offer a wide variety of services from resume critique to salary advice.

They are specialists in Infrastructure, digital, change/transformation and enterprise sales.

They are on a mission to provide their clients with workforce solutions by uncovering people challenges and providing effective and sustainable solutions.

Company’s website:

Company’s contact details: (0) 2072 563 210

5. Deerfoot IT Resources


Deerfoot IT Resources is a consultancy firm centered around helping new IT-based companies. It focuses on picking out the best recruits for all tech-based companies, be it small or large.

The main goal of their IT recruitment services is to deliver a responsive and objective recruitment service to both individuals and corporations.

With an eye on ethical and social responsibilities, they aim to be a recruitment partner trusted across all IT departments and top technologies. 

Company’s website:

Company’s contact details: 020 3701 5510

6.Nolan Recruitment

Nolan Recruitment

Nolan Recruitment, with more than 20 years of experience, is one of the top Engineering and Technical recruitment agencies in the UK. 

They specialize in the manufacturing side of operations like Automobile, Aviation, Civil Engineering, Heavy & Light Plant, Manufacturing and Power Generation.

As the top engineering recruitment agency in the UK,  they have extensive experience recruiting the very best engineering talent. Through their recruitment solutions, they find the very best candidates in the manufacturing, oil & gas, and environmental sectors.

Company’s website:

Company’s contact details: 01565 748090,

7. Opilio


Opilio, with an abundance of insider knowledge on digital media, provides recruitment services to mobile technology and advanced media startups. 

Their area of expertise is Digital Media, Mobile and Technology.

Company’s website:

Company’s contact details: 02071837145,

8. CDI Anderselite

CDI Anderselite

CDI Anderselite provides permanent, temporary and long-haul contract recruitment services for customers across IT, technical, architecture, aerospace, railway and oil/gas sectors.

Since 1984, Anderselite has been providing technical recruitment expertise to the built environment.

A well-known brand, built on a model of spot recruitment that provides the construction, civil engineering, facilities management, and rail industries with permanent, temporary, and blue-collar talent.

Company’s website:

Company’s contact details: 0121 200 5520,

9. ReThink Recruitment

ReThink Recruitment

ReThink Recruitment, known for their passion and punctuality, specializes in Energy, healthcare, business and technology sectors.

Company’s website:

Company’s contact details: 0207-253-1054

10. Agile Recruit

Myriad Recruitment

Myriad Recruitment principally sources contenders for data warehousing roles among other specialized information and technology jobs. They provide their clients with recruits on both a permanent or temporary basis.

They specialize in Data warehousing, business intelligence and data and analytics.

Company’s website:

Company’s contact details:

11. CBS Butler

CBS Butler

CBS Butler recruits for specialized and utilitarian jobs including designing, assembling and innovation.

They specialize in Engineering, manufacturing and technology.

Company’s website:

Company’s contact details: +44 (0)1737 822 000

12. Brite Recruitment

Brite Recruitment

Brite works with organizations of all sizes on a contractual, permanent and temporary basis. They specialize in IT, Customer Service, Sales, Estate Agency, Administration, Financial Services/Retail Banking, Finance and Accountancy.

The Brite Recruitment team has grown into one of the strongest in the industry since 2006. The recruiting industry has flourished for them, with a large database of candidates and a loyal clientele.

With simplicity, honesty, and passion as our core principles, they have created an extraordinary service. The phrase ‘generalist recruitment agency’ isn’t one they like to use. Our recruiting team has extensive experience in a wide range of sectors. Recruitment is what they do the best.

Company’s website:

Company’s contact details: 01242 228200,

13. IT Recruit UK

IT Recruit UK

IT Recruit UK, honing their skills in the IT industry, assists offer their customers direct arrangements that simplify their complexities. They mainly work in digital space.

A specialist IT recruitment agency, IT Recruit UK offers a service that is both professional and personal. Our staff have technical and recruiting expertise that enables us to achieve this. The team of highly trained consultants at our firm specializes in recruiting IT professionals based on their unique requirements.

Our consultants are always available to offer valuable advice and support to clients, a partnership that we believe is crucial to our success.

Company’s website:

14. Richard Wheeler Associates

Richard Wheeler Associates

Richard Wheeler Associates, a leading IT recruitment organization, mainly works with software-based startups. They specialize in IT, data analytics and artificial intelligence.

Company’s website:

Company’s contact details: 01488 684 944,

15. Hyper Recruitment Solutions


Hyper Recruitment Solutions, with their deep knowledge in science and medical fields, specialize in Biotech, pharma, clinical, environmental, information systems and technology, science, engineering, FMCG and professional services.

Company’s website:

Company’s contact details: +44 (0)203 910 2980,

16.Adecco UK

 Adecco UK

Adecco UK, a brand of the leading worldwide recruitment organization Adecco Group, is one of the leading recruitment agencies in the UK specializing in Agriculture & Fishing, Banking & Financial Services, Charity & Non-for-Profit, Construction & Property, Education & Childcare, Engineering, Aerospace & Automotive, Energy and Hospitality.

Company’s website:

Company’s contact details: 01782 358470

17. Michael Page UK

Michael Page UK

Michael Page UK International, with 35 years of experience, specializes in Accounting, Audit & Advisory, Banking & Financial Services, Compliance, Construction and Consultancy.

Company’s website:

Company’s contact details: 0845 6060 610

18. Hays UK

Hays UK

Hays UK, adept in recruiting qualified, proficient and gifted individuals, specializes in Accountancy & Finance, Banking & Financial Markets, Call Centres, Education and Engineering & Manufacturing.

Company’s website:

19. Robert Half UK

Robert Half UK

Robert Half UK, one of the leading recruitment agencies in the UK, specializing in Accounting & Finance, Technology, Risk & Compliance and Administrative & office.

Company’s website:

Company’s contact details: 020 3823 5480

20. Pearls International

Pearls International

Pearls International, autonomous nursing and care recruitment agency in the UK with more than 16 years of experience, has excelled in the field of hospital and caring facilities.

They specialize in Banking & Financial Markets and Contracting & Temporary work.

Company’s website:

Company’s contact details: 01752 237637,


The real benefit of hiring a good recruitment agency in the UK is that it takes all the hassle from your hands and can help you find the best-suited individual for the job. Since these agencies are specialized in hiring candidates, they put all their resources into filtering and testing the applicants accurately. Hiring a good employee will improve the overall productivity, making it a wise choice to leave the hiring to the experts.


Q: How do I find companies to recruit for? 

Browsing through job posting websites and social media can be a straightforward method to find clients. Or say, you finally have a list of companies you want to recruit for. Then, you can always go for email marketing or cold calling your prospective clients. Also, it’s crucial to gather referrals along the way. 

Q: How many calls do recruiters make a day? 

Most recruiters go for 20 calls/day. But there’s no guarantee that all would be answered. So, some even go for 40 calls/day. 

Q: Is it worth using a recruitment agency? 

Yes, because recruitment agencies have an extended reach for better talent with their market knowledge. Moreover, it saves you time and money both in the short-term and long-term. 

Q: How do recruitment companies grow? 

Recruitment companies grow by networking with more businesses and gathering more referrals. And like all other businesses, using technology to manage contacts and resumes are also beneficial.

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