Top 10 Influencer Marketing Agencies in the UK

Top 10 Influencer Marketing Agencies in the UK

There is no one better than influencers to connect you with your target audience on a personal level and improve the credibility of your business.

There are many influencers out there who can do wonders to your business with just a social media post.

The audience believes a lot when it comes out from the mouth of influencers than when you boast about your products.

So, when you are trying to increase your visibility or get a good start for a new product launch, influencers can help in spreading out the word fast.

However, there are many influencers in the UK market right now and it is vital to connect with influencers specializing in your industry to get the response you need.

Why Do You Need an Influencer Marketing Agency in the UK?

There are a lot of self-proclaimed influencers in the UK who may have a good follower count but do not bring in proper revenue.

Instead of wasting your money on such influencers, it is best to hire an influencer marketing agency in the UK who will scout the influencers on your behalf.

As these are companies who have worked with many influencers in the past, they can weed out the false ones and give you a list of good influencers worthy of your money.

These influencer marketing agencies are adept at laying out down proper terms to ensure that it is a win-win situation for both the influencer and the business.

Moreover, since these marketing agencies are located at some of the major cities in the UK like London, Liverpool, and Manchester, they can help in local targeting of the audience and finding out easily relatable influencers for the UK audience.

So, let’s jump into the list of top influencer marketing agencies in the UK who can fetch you great revenue.

The Best of All Influencer Marketing Agencies in the UK

1. Influencer

With the improvements in the technologies and its inclusion in digital marketing, influencer marketing strategies isn’t far behind. The Influencer is one of the few companies in Europe to leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI) to drive actionable insights.

They help to build meaningful relationships between the influencers and the brands and help the influencers to involve in the actual product than see it as another promotion. They provide managed services for the brands to manage the influencer strategies and keep a watch on the progress of campaigns.

2. Social Wage

Social Wage is different from any other influencer marketing company in Liverpool, London, or any other parts of the UK as they have open forums for influencers to join the agency, promote the tasks and gain money.

Social Wage is a top influencer marketing agency in the UK that has worked with global brands like Apple, KFC, Disney, P&G and a lot more. They recruit influencers for social media advertising of the brand on their accounts, provide them with quality content personalized to their audience and drive traffic to the brand.

3. Social Lipstick

Social Lipstick is the best influencer marketing agency in Manchester with minimum expenditure. They are one of the best in identifying the influencers that can bring the maximum conversions, creating propositions for influencers complete with media pack, negotiate rates on your behalf and increase your revenue.

They utilize the niche channels of social media where your target audience is present the most. With strategic planning and timing, they are adept at creating the snowballing effect to make your products go viral!

4. Pink Media

Pink Media provides specialized blogger outreach support for the brands in the UK. They have created a standalone blogger network with the mission to connect brands with the required influencers.

As they are a renowned influencer marketing agency in Liverpool, many brands have found their blogger network to be greatly beneficial to identify and connect with the influencers with their target audience as followers.

5. 6Degrees

6Degrees has a global presence all over Europe with headquarters in Denmark and satellite offices in London and New York. They work with the brand from scratch in creating strategies through influencer marketing to increase conversions. They support in developing quality content to post through influencers and also help in influencer relationship management for long term benefits.

They identify the influencers, implement the strategies, manage the campaigns and find better ways to keep iterating the influencer outreach program.


PMYB is a popular influencer marketing agency in London specialized in increasing the outreach for B2C companies. PMYB sets itself apart from the other influencer marketing companies in the UK due to its Chrome-Influencer System. In this customized system for UK influencers, the influencers are chosen based on a five-stage selection process where everyone is scored through the stages.

This score helps in evaluating the influencers and matching them to the required brands and their budget to deliver better revenue.

7. Disrupt Marketing

Disrupt Marketing is an iconic, influencer marketing agency in London. They have a young talented team called disruptors compromising of bloggers, content creators, editors and artists. They are specialized in providing social media advertising, including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and a lot more.

As they are a group of young individuals, they can easily connect a business with their choice of social media influencers. They have proved themselves time and again in helping businesses to widen their reach through a select set of influencers.

8. Tamba

Tamba is one of the leading social media agencies in the UK specializing in influencer marketing and blogger outreach. If you are looking to launch a new product or a startup hoping to get a great start, Tamba has a team of social media experts who will scope the internet for the influencers and bloggers who can give you a bigger leap.

From strategizing the influencer marketing and celebrity endorsements to contract negotiations and media planning, they take care of it all. They are adept at creating sentiment around the product and market it through the influencers.

9. Engage Hub

Engage Hub is yet another top influencer marketing agency in Manchester and London that has obtained great coverage for many top organizations. They are a creative social media agency who focus on creating data-driven strategies to generate leads and sales through influencer marketing.

They have been instrumental in some of the popular outreach programs for the UK brands with their innovative ideas and real-time tracking to create better campaigns every single time.

10. Goat Agency

With result-oriented influencer campaigns, Goat Agency helps to achieve the desired conversions through the copious amount of content, images, videos and blogs. They are one among the best influencer marketing companies in London with strategies backed with data analysis designed to meet the KPIs.

Instead of having their pool of influencers, they get new influencers every single time according to their popularity and their relevance to the campaigns.

When you require influencers often for various marketing strategies, it can be pretty convenient to have a hands-on influencer marketing agency which understands the UK market.

There a lot of influencer marketing agencies in the UK and it is up to you to choose the best one according to your requirements.

Take in the previous works of the influencer agency and the services they provide to make an informed decision.

Thank you for reading!

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