Top Haulage Companies in the UK 2021

11th May 2021

The method of shipping goods and objects by road and rail in the United Kingdom is known as haulage. Trains, trucks, tippers, trailers, vans, lorries, buses, and bikes are also used in haulage services. That is the transportation of commercial goods by train or road from one place to another.

Businesses use haulage facilities to transport products from a manufacturing facility to a consumer or a dealer. Whereas freight is used to ship goods in bulk via ships, aircrafts, or trains.

The haulage industry and service can be used to transport tangible goods across borders. Furniture, machinery, vehicles, home appliances, farm produce, and crude oil can all be transported using this method. Manufacturers and large corporations use haulage services to transport their products.


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1. Road Haulage UK

road haulage companies uk

Road Haulage, founded in 2010, is the most effective distribution service provider in the UK, working 24/7 and leaving no stone unturned in their sphere. With their headquarters in Sunbury and Middlesex, they ensure a wide reach.


  • They are dedicated to both short and long distances from a single vehicle working.
  • They ensure timely working through the busiest and most thriving routes such as Heathrow Airport and M3/M4 Corridor.
  • All their drivers are Level D trained and wear an identity card for ensured authentication.
  • They have a staff specially trained in Level A security to provide safe services to their customers.
  • Their comprehensive Ad-hoc capabilities and same-day delivery/collection make them a suitable choice for any distribution services.
  • They ensure a high level of personal services with completed professionalism involved.

2. TransUK

transuk haulage companies uk

With a high favouring advantage of providing both versatility and experiment, Trans UK is the most dynamic company in the sector of haulage. They have experience of 20 years, rebranded in 2017 to meet with customer’s needs in more effective ways.


  • Speed is their greatest strength as they claim to be the fastest service provider in the industry. Road freight is their main segment.
  • They have all their vehicles equipped with satellite tracking facilities to ensure their tracking round the clock.
  • They offer a wide coverage of transportation by having all the road, sea, and water transportation along with warehouse solutions and customs clearance.
  • Their decades of work have uplifted them to a higher level of customer satisfaction by fulfilling all requirements in the best ways.
  • They cover the full lengths of the Middle East and Europe, therefore providing for the haulage services anywhere around these places.

3. Rogers Transport

rogers haulage companies uk

Founded in 1993 in Kent, Alcaline UK Limited is a well-established international haulage company in the UK offering services throughout the continent of Europe. Their office base extends up to Italy, Eede in the Netherlands, and Ashford in the UK.


  • All kinds of loads, such as full loads, part- loads, groupage services across Europe. Their tagline “Just in time” specifies their efficiency of next-day deliveries in Belgium, France, Switzerland, and Italy and same-day deliveries in France, Belgium, and the Netherlands.
  • Their flexibility across Europe inc. Motorways and Alps tunnels make them a prior choice than other companies. Their specialist areas include Italy and the Netherlands, where they have constant daily deliveries of groupage loads.
  • They also specialize in the aviation and automotive industries. With collective years of experience in the field, they believe in having the right blend you must require.
  • In addition to a wide range of transportation facilities, they also provide warehousing facilities in the UK, Netherlands, and Italy.
  • They ensure heavy lifting capabilities available at all sites of their work. Along with collection and distribution, they offer picking and packing facilities.
  • With the services of transportation, they offer the service of traffic consultancy for your better experience. They cover a large area of services by providing air freight services too.

4. Chris Bennett Heavy Haulage Ltd

chris bennett

Chris Bennet was first established in 1976 as a simple driver operator with a Ford truck has now become a fleet of 40 vehicles and a limited company. They are considered as one of the leading specialists in heavy freight and haulage.


  • General haulage transporting lighter loads for domestic purposes.
  • Heavy loads up to 150 tonnes.
  • Crane lifting services at construction sites or for lifting containers.
  • Vehicles include tractor units and tautliners that have large surface area.
  • Trailers that come in a range of lengths that possess very payloads and are also extendable.
  • Abnormal loads can also be hauled that involves carrying loads of 44,000 kilograms.
  • Adherence to all government rules that will ensure the safe transport and haulage services.

5. Maxi Haulage Limited

maxi haulage companies uk

The Maxi Group of Companies presents the Maxi Haulage Limited. Coming from a range of sister companies related to construction, this haulage company in the UK possesses experience of hauling loads like no other. The strategically placed depots throughout the UK offer the following advantages to their clients:

  • Services are available both in North Ireland as well as the republic of Ireland.
  • Loads are carried by a large fleet of single and double deck trailers.
  • There is also a provision for commercial vehicle delivery.
  • The services are specially optimised to overcome the logistical problems customer’s might face.
  • Warehousing and distribution services are also available
  • The management services are supported by competent tech systems.

6. Murray Hogg

murray hogg

Murray Hogg Haulage is a trucking company that was formed in the year 1928 in England. The Hogg family started this as a family business. What is quite interesting is that it is still being maintained with the third generation of the same family.

Services provided

  • Within the general haulage, they work with a fleet of vehicles, which have reached a little around ninety in number.
  • They maintain their standard of services with the help of their workshop.
  • The drivers that they have are ADR qualified. They are well experienced and extend their professional courtesy. You are most likely to find them in their uniforms.
  • They extend the best delivery of full loads within Northern Ireland and the United Kingdom.
  • They use modern computerized technology to track their vehicles at all times.
  • They have established CCTV services for your goods to be safe on board.
  • They also have warehouse services that you can avail of.
  • With the help of their pallet network system, you can even work in close associations with third parties.
  • They have specialized forklift trucks, which will help you with loading or unloading your packages.

7. Street Stream

street stream

This company is known for its same day courier services which function in the greater London area. Street Stream offers a range of services depending on the type of load being transported.


  • Street Stream can post couriers ranging from a 250 gm envelope to a 1000 kg load.
  • Clients can avail same day service from the company by filling an online booking form.
  • Street Stream offers on demand and direct delivery; the client has full control over delivery timings.
  • You can also access multiple-courier service wherein the drop will be route and customer specified.
  • The courier company also offers same day carrier service along API delivery for on demand couriers.

8. TELS Group

tels haulage companies uk

TELS (Transeuropean Logistic Services Ltd) Group was founded in Great Britain in 2001. A group of logistics specialists began this initiative through the English-Beruvian capital in their possession. The company looks over the import and export transportation in the European market. It also offers its customers small transport deliveries.


  • Railroad Freightage
  • Air Freight Logistics
  • Shipping by Sea
  • Road and Freight Transport Service
  • Groupage Cargo Transportation Services
  • Cargo Insurance
  • Heavy and Oversized Сargo Transportation
  • Multimodal Freight Services
  • International Project Cargo Shipping

TELS Group takes social responsibility for its industrial contribution and focuses on sustainable development so there is an increase in key indicators which will help during financial crises.

9. LTS Haulage

lts haulage companies uk

LTS Haulage was established in 1996, and is a family owned operation. The company offers Hiab crane hire and special haulage, along with services including Hiab hire, abnormal loads, and all varieties of Haulage such as heavy haulage & road haulage. They use a series of flatliners, curtainsiders, and vans to fulfill their transport orders.


Choosing the right transportation provider will make a significant difference in the success of your company if you need transportation facilities on a one-off basis for a single shipment or daily to ensure that the shipments arrive at their destination on time and safely; the right transport provider will assist.

Many businesses recognize that lowering shipping costs is vital to keeping a stable bottom line, so they hire transportation firms to ship their goods around the globe. However, when contracting a trucking company, companies must ensure that they are hiring a dependable and appropriate firm that can function efficiently and reliably to help them with their everyday operations.

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